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Why I’m Thankful I Got Bad News When I Was Pregnant

Considering I was pregnant for the first time carrying two babies, I probably should have been more worried than I was. For the most...

Pregnancy after Loss: Choosing Fearless Motherhood

I’m not sure it’s the reaction the ultrasound tech was expecting from me: “You've GOT to be kidding. Don’t DO this to me!”  She blinked a...

An Early Appearance :: How I Became Your Mother

I'm a planner. I like to have my ducks in a row. So when we found out we were expecting twins (with a 14...

Identical or Fraternal? :: The Great Twin Debate

As any new parent can attest, taking an adorable mini-human into public is basically making yourself a magnet for questions and comments: "Awww! How old...

Two for One Special: What I’ve Learned about Twin Pregnancy

Here I sit, feeling "ready to pop" at any moment. And if these contractions are any indication, it won't be too much longer (realistically,...