Girls’ Getaway: Escape to Nowhere


When it comes time for a ladies only trip, there’s always the spa, the Big Apple, or the Windy Cindy. But have you considered the Middle of Nowhere? With yoga pants, wine, and coffee in hand, seven of my closest friends from college left our collective eight partners and ten children for a weekend girls’ getaway to Mauston, WI

With a rural vacation under my belt, I present to you why Mauston (or any other small town, USA) is a great idea for a mom getaway.

You can pack lightly.
There were multiple text messages as we were packing about how little we needed to bring. “How many pairs of leggings do you think I’ll need?” “Do I even bring makeup?” You’re packing for you and ONLY you. When all you can see are fields for miles and miles, leave the curling iron, eyeshadow palette, and heels at home. 

You can actually just sit and do nothing.
There’s very little temptation to even leave the house. No sights to see or fine dining experiences to miss. You’ve got a full kitchen and only adults to feed. Spend those precious hours non-stop chatting, catching up, and reminiscing with just the people you really want to see!

Sleep in. Enjoy quiet. Drink hot coffee.
Saturday morning, I woke up at 5:45 (because my children have ruined sleeping in for me, forever). Wrapped in a blanket, I watched the sun come up with hot coffee in a sleeping house. I didn’t even realize how long it had been since I was able to just sit in quiet. No cleaning, no work, no preparing for when sleeping children would wake, just true peace and quiet.

Limited options with kind hosts.

girls' getaway
Charcuterie board for hours worth of delicious snacking.

I suffer from decision paralysis when it comes to booking travel. I get the sweats just thinking about trying to compare hotels based on walking distance to sights, cost, amenities, etc. This getaway was pretty easy, not to mention incredibly affordable. Which of the two Airbnb options would we like to stay at? Being in rural Wisconsin definitely lowers the price tag. Our hosts were incredibly sweet and had a welcome basket full of local goods for us upon arrival. With a full kitchen, we split groceries and meals among us, and rounded out our very budget friendly trip. Just look at that charcuterie board? Thanks to Aldi and my snack aficionado friend we ate a lunch that was adult AF for less than $10 per person.

It’s like home…without the noise/mess/demands.
No rock paper scissors for the uncomfortable couch pull-out bed here! We had all the amenities of home without any of the work. When you put a bunch of women used to caring for other people in a house together, everyone is automatically helping and dividing the work to be done. You can care for people while simultaneously being cared for. 

Beyond giving me some time to unwind and recharge, it was actually really good for my marriage, too. My husband totally nailed 48 hours alone with the munchkins, leaving him more confident in his parenting skills and appreciative of mine. Ladies, whether you’re single or married, this getaway is good for us all. Rest, relaxation and some time to fill your cup with your favorite friends – highly recommended and definitely becoming an annual tradition for me and mine.

Girls’ Getaway


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