Originally from California, Meagan lives with her husband and two young boys. In her roaring twenties and life BC (before children) she lived in London, Boston, San Francisco, and a remote village in West Africa where she built a nursery school from the ground up and directed study abroad programs for universities. Here in Milwaukee you’ll find her volunteering with the PTO, playing in the parks with her sons, and organizing retreats for fellow moms. And if she’s lucky, her coffee will still be hot when she takes the first sip. She recently created an e-course for women who've experienced miscarriage. Find info on the course and catch her blogging at www.meaganschultz.com.

Helping a Friend Through a Miscarriage

It’s natural. When a friend is hurting, we want to fix it. We want to do anything we can to make her feel better. After opening up and sharing about my own miscarriages, I’ve had quite...

What new (again) parents need: 5 Practical Gift Ideas

New parents are bombarded with registry lists, must-have articles, and (occasionally) helpful advice on what they’ll need those first few weeks after the baby arrives. But what about parents who have been there, done...

Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga in Milwaukee

I know, I know, with a growing bump, it’s nearly impossible to see your toes, let alone touch them, but don’t let that stop you from trying out a prenatal yoga class. If for...

Trying for a Third Again and Again

I never believed I’d stop at two. Three years ago, when we only needed four Christmas stockings, I bought five....hoping a third child would one day join our family around the tree. But after...

Pregnancy After Miscarriage

By all counts, I should have 13 children. In the last six years, I’ve had ten miscarriages — and they’ve come in all shapes and sizes. I have two healthy boys and I’m pregnant now, nearly...

Are Moms Allowed to Gossip?

My son’s kindergarten teacher recently sent a link home called “19 Commandments From Maria Montessori to Help You Become the Perfect Parent.” Now, I’ve long since given up the idea that I will ever be a...

Potty Training According to George Michael

Keep the FAITH, fellow potty training mamas! To the tune of "Faith" by the late George Michael Well I guess it would be nice If you would just go potty But I know not everybody Wants to potty on...

When Nap Time Ends

My four year old son isn’t napping anymore. I know I should be grateful we made it to four. I hear stories of friends whose kids haven’t napped since eighteen months, so I know I...

Did He Learn That From Me? {C.A.R.E.}

This piece is part of a series here at MKE Moms Blog entitled C.A.R.E. We want to initiate conversations about racial equality (CARE) and to call people into the discussion around social justice in our...

We Got This Milwaukee :: Turning Neighborhoods Around, One Garden At a Time

“He knows EVERYBODY." ....the waitress tells me as I pay for my coffee after a meeting with Mr. Andre Lee Ellis. I wanted to talk with the founder of We Got This, a homegrown organization...