Rediscovering my Love for the Library


I am rediscovering my love for the library.

I remember being so excited as a child for the weekend trips to the library. My mom, sisters, and I would file into the minivan and after my mom’s speech of how “books are our friends,” we would enter our local library ready to use our very own library cards. I would spend all summer crossing books off my summer reading list, working to reach each milestone. I had a smile on my face every time I walked through those doors.

Fast-forward a few years–here I am finally rediscovering how truly amazing the library is. I had forgotten the feelings a room full of books can bring. I can’t take credit for this new found love. Another mama friend actually put me on to the awesome adventure the library can be.

So far my son and I have been to the Wauwatosa and the West Allis library. We are partial to the West Allis location due to its proximity to our house. It also has an amazing kids section. My son is awestruck as soon as we walk in the building. For those of you who haven’t checked out the West Allis library, it has a pretty expansive fountain in its lobby that lights up! 

Once I’m able to get my son out of the lobby, we get to climb the spiral stairs up to the children’s books where we see a gorgeous mural of animals. When we finally make it to the top, there are many different sections to explore. My son stays in the area that houses board books, larger legos, plenty of puzzles, several toys that encourage imaginative play–including a “market” with cash register–and a bubbler we spend too much time at. Other areas provide computers, more legos, quiet reading nooks, and a super cool ball track attached to a wall.

I know West Allis is not the only library with these great add ons. The Tosa library has similar items as well as a fish tank and a giraffe who towers over my 5’6’’ self. I would guess that several others in the city have similar set-ups. As the days get colder, I am excited to check out the many other libraries in this great city. 

What are your favorite libraries to visit?

Ep. 8 : When Women Fight for Families


"The crime belongs to the john. The crime belongs to the pimp. The crime does not belong to a child."

Episode 8 – When Women Fight for Families

In this episode, we sit down for a chat with a woman who is on the front lines of fighting for families in Wisconsin, State Rep. Robyn Vining. As a mom, small business owner, co-founder of an anti-trafficking nonprofit, and now as a legislator, she is living proof of what can happen when women get curious, bold and brave enough to move moves for change.

We talk about modeling citizenship for our kids, the advice she would give to other moms who are considering public service, as well some of the battles she is fighting in the anti-trafficking world now on the lawmaking stage.

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month and, combined with Episode 7, we hope this conversation with Rep. Vining helps us understand that all of us can be part of the action steps to combat the spread of trafficking.

We chat with Rep. Robyn Vining about how Awareness, Advocacy and Aftercare are only the beginning when it comes to stopping human trafficking.  

Episode #8 - About Our Guest



Raised by a dedicated public school teacher and a world-class financial consultant, Representative Robyn Vining was raised to value a compassionate and pragmatic approach to life. Rep. Vining is a former pastor turned entrepreneur who has spent the past nine years building her own small business for photography in Milwaukee.

Rep. Vining is a founding board member of Exploit No More, which works to end child sex trafficking. She is also a founding member of Help Portrait Milwaukee and the Milwaukee Portrait Project, initiatives that serve some of the city’s most vulnerable citizens.

Rep. Vining is currently serving as a representative for the 14th district in the Wisconsin State Assembly.

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Guide to Local Photographers | Milwaukee, WI

Our Guide to Local Photographers in Milwaukee is a collection of photographers who we partner with on our events and initiatives throughout the year, along with a reader-cultivated directory of Milwaukee area photographers found below.

Featured Milwaukee Area Photographers:

These are the talented photographers we at MkeMom have hand-selected to partner with throughout the year to capture images. We have worked with each of them in person time and time again and can confidently recommend each one!

Are you interested in becoming one of our Featured Photography Partners?

Featured Milwaukee Area Photographers

Melissa Morgan Photography

I inherited my passion for photography from my mother, who filled and narrated dozens of photo albums for my sister and me while we were growing up. She made me appreciate how photography can be a diary of life’s most precious moments, and for that I am eternally grateful. Having cherished images of your family’s beautiful memories is an investment of your time, energy and love, but something that you will never regret. I would love to be the one to document these moments for you.


Engagement and Wedding Photography
Family Photography
Maternity & Newborn Photography

Talia Laird Photography

I specialize in timeless, fine art photography and my passion is telling stories with my images of families, newborns, and maternity clients in Lake Country.

Before becoming a photographer, I was a mom first. As a mom, I quickly realized that those sweet little babies don’t keep. And that is where my passion for photography turned into an exclusive luxurious family photography experience. My clients finish their experience with luxury heirloom quality, one-of-a-kind artwork displaying in their homes.


Family Photography
Maternity & Newborn Photography

Lulu B Photography

I have always been interested in photography, a hobby I’ve inherited from my father. Before I was blessed with my children, I bought a camera and started shooting my nephews at their sporting events. Once my children were born, I always had my camera in hand. It was only recently I realized I could share my talent with other families.


Family Photography
Maternity & Newborn Photography
Portrait Photography
Engagement & Wedding Photography

Vanessa Wyler Photography

I’m a lifestyle photographer located in Pewaukee, Wisconsin serving the greater Milwaukee/Waukesha area specializing in children, families, newborns and maternity portraits. My goal as a photographer is to capture your story, the real moments you cherish with your family. I’ll capture the way your daughter loves to give you butterfly kisses, the way your son holds his daddy’s hand, and that newborn-love that fills your eyes once your little one arrives and snuggled up on your chest. Nothing excites me more than capturing those un-planned moments and the little details, even the craziness you call your family 😉 Those moments, sometimes the littlest, are what mean the most!


Family Photography
Maternity & Newborn Photography

Hefferilt Photography

Maggie Wetherilt believes photography is something special that goes beyond just snapping a nice picture. “I do photography because I want to capture and share people’s stories. I am passionate about capturing life as it happens. I adore capturing moments of shared life in all seasons of family living. From pregnancy, to life with a newborn, to everyday family life, I find stories of shared life to be beautiful and worthy of being captured and shared. Most of all I am passionate about documenting the journey of birth. Like all good stories the beginning matters a great deal. Birth is the beginning of motherhood, the start of a little one’s life, it is the first moments of a relational bonds that cannot be broken. Birth can tell the story of strength, love, pain, joy, hardship, freedom… A woman bringing life into this world is a great journey and no story is more unique. I am honored each time a woman invites me in to capture her birth story.”


Birth Photography
Engagement and Wedding Photography
Family Photography
Maternity & Newborn Photography

Grant Images LLC

We are passionate about life-and believe you should live every day to the fullest. Capturing those special moments in photographs is what we do best. Our focus includes corporate events, headshots, family portraits, newborns/child, and photo booths. We serve South Eastern Wisconsin area, Metropolitan Milwaukee, Waukesha, New Berlin. Please message, call, or email us with any questions. We would be honored to be a part of your special occasion!

Planning an Event? Let us take your party to the next level with a PHOTO BOOTH! From corporate events to weddings, we up the fun factor. We work with you to customize your photo booth experience to your event. Our photographer is on site to guarantee a great experience.


Event Photo Booth Photography
Family Photography
Maternity & Newborn Photography

Reader Recommended Milwaukee Area Photographers

These listings have been submitted directly from our community of parents. We at MkeMom do not have personal experience with each.

Is your favorite photographer missing? Submit their info here!

Showing 6 results
Showing 6 results
Cedar Creek Settlement
Deni is a portrait photographer specializing in families and seniors.
Capio Creative Co. provides photography services to professionals and commercial clients in the g...
Milwaukee, wi
And SOO A life lived in art, creation, and providing my clients wildly extravagant products, with...
Screen Shot 2020-01-12 at 4.27.36 PM.png
SHOW ME HOW! I’m a brand photographer who can help!  You and I can work together to ultima...
Showing 18 results
2625 S Greeley St, Milwaukee, WI 53207, USA
Modern lifestyle and wedding photography located in Milwaukee, WI.
Showing 1 - 20 of 55 results
Cedar Creek Settlement
Deni is a portrait photographer specializing in families and seniors.
Showing 1 - 20 of 81 results
Showing 1 - 20 of 63 results
Cedar Creek Settlement
Deni is a portrait photographer specializing in families and seniors.
Showing 1 - 20 of 49 results

Want to be a part of our Photographers Guide?

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We want to show our readers all the talented photographers right here in the Milwaukee area. Partnering with us allows your business greater visibility with a large targeted market of local families. Join us and help enrich the lives of Milwaukee Moms!

They Need To Hear The Good Things


It was one of those cold, damp mornings when I really didn’t feel like sitting outside and watching hours of soccer games. I was feeling off in general. It was early. I hadn’t slept well. My son’s conference the day before hadn’t gone as well as I’d hoped, and I’d spent the evening thinking about that rather than thinking about the other three kids’ great conferences…because I, apparently, like to punish myself.  I sat on the ground, sipping tea from a thermos and playing Words with Friends to avoid socialization. It had been a rough couple of days.

Later, one of my son’s assistant coaches came up to me and said, “My husband and I were talking about your kids. They are the best, so polite and such good sports. We were wondering what you’d done to make them so great. And, my husband said ‘You should tell their mom that,’ so I thought I would.” I looked at her, my eyes threatening to tear up, and I said, “Thank you. I really needed to hear that today.

what kids need to hear

Why don’t we do that more often? Why don’t we tell the people we see the good things we think about them or their kids? 

It reminded me of a time at Target a couple months ago. A mom was having an especially hard time with her preschooler. I’d seen him screaming and hitting her. She took him behind a clothes rack, mostly hidden from the aisle, and sat him on her lap on the floor, pinning down his arm so he couldn’t hit her and calmly telling him they would stay there until he calmed down. I pretended I didn’t notice. I didn’t want to embarrass her. I moved away and pretended to look at clothes that wouldn’t fit any my kids, just so she didn’t see me seeing her.

Finally, after her son calmed down, I felt compelled to say something. It seemed awkward, so I wavered, BUT, it also seemed important, so I went over and quietly told her, “You are doing a really good job.” She looked at me like I might be insane, so I explained, “This age can be horrible. I know, because I have four kids of my own. But the work you put in now is going to pay off. And, I promise, it gets easier.” Her look changed from being afraid that I was a crazy-Target-stalker, to the same teary-eyed look I think I probably had that morning on the soccer field, and she said, “Thank you, I really needed to hear that. I was feeling like an awful mom.”

You know what? We all need to hear the good things. And, usually, when someone tells us something good, it comes at just the right time. 

So, let’s take the time, and let’s take the risk of sounding like crazy-Target-stalker ladies, and let’s tell the people in our lives, or the people we see, the good things that we think.

Send a text to let your friend know how much you admire something about her parenting. Mention to another mom how polite her kid was during the play date.  Tell the mom at the grocery store with a bunch of kids in tow that you’re impressed by their behavior. Email the parents of the kid your son says is always nice to everyone.

You won’t regret making the time, or even taking the risk of sounding crazy.  Trust me, these parents need to hear it.

Going Back to Work After Having a Baby – 5 Things to Remember


Back to work

Here’s the thing. Not everyone is in a position to be able to stay home after having a baby. I get that. And I’m not discounting anyone that does decide to stay home because I’ve done it and it’s HARD. In fact, it was harder than any job I’ve ever had. That said, if you DO decide to go back to work, even if you could stay home, it is ok. It is ALSO ok to proudly portray yourself as a ‘working mom’. 

There are many reasons to go back to work. In my case, money was a big factor. I’ve had 3 babies and I would love to be home with my kids, but maintaining our lifestyle, our home, our vehicles, etc. was my reason to return. For all of you that do struggle the way I do, I’m here to say you’re not alone

It’s ok to want to work.

When I get up in the mornings, I shower and start my day. That gets me going. When I stayed at home with my kids, I had to get up super early to shower or I would shower at night. When I showered at night, I never felt like I was ready to get going in the morning. I stayed in pajamas or my beloved leggings all day long. If I get up in the morning, do my hair, throw on a tiny bit of makeup, I’m ready to tackle the day. I like feeling accomplished. That’s not to say that you can’t feel accomplished while staying home with little ones. I just didn’t feel like I was doing enough for my kids. I like having responsibilities at work and being able to check things off of my to-do list(s). I was raised with 2 working parents and always felt like I needed to go to work. I want to be out of the house. I want to work in peace without having a child trying to bash the keys on my laptop. 

You will have sad days.

There are days that you will be sad that you’re not with your kids. I am in a constant struggle with myself because while I want to work, I also want to be present for my kids and all of the things they are doing. I want to be able to volunteer at my daughter’s school. I want to be a chaperone for my son’s field trips. I want to see my youngest son do things ‘first.’ We have an amazing in-home provider that never told us when our kids took their first steps or said mama, etc., but I still remember the first day she sent me a picture with my daughter in a swing (for the first time). I missed it. I missed the squeals and giggles and that stung. I was happy that my daughter was getting outside time to play, but I wanted to be the first one to take her on a swing. I definitely cried that day and I remember it like it was yesterday.

There will be days where you can’t focus and you may feel guilty.

Let’s face it, the mom guilt is real. We feel guilty about a LOT of things. Missing out on things is a big one for me. I can’t take off for every field trip. I can’t always take off to volunteer. I even have to send my oldest to daycare every day before and after school and her school is right across the street from our house. I feel guilty that she has to be on a bus several times a day. Someone else (NOT me) has to get her ready and make sure she gets on and off of it every day. I feel guilty each morning my three year old says to me, “I don’t wanna go to school, I wanna stay home with mama” through tears and sobs. Especially because he had that for 10 months.

I feel guilty that I have to trust someone else to make sure my kids get their naps and healthy lunches and that by the time I pick them up at night, I go straight to the kitchen to start preparing dinner instead of spending time with them asking how their day was, snuggling, or playing with them. It hasn’t gotten easier and I don’t think it ever will. There will always be something that makes me feel guilty, and some days my work suffers because of it.

You are NOT alone.

You may think you are the only mom that wants to work. I’m here to tell you that you’re not. Sometimes we need to do things for ourselves, for our own mental health. Sometimes, that means working, and that is OK.

Staying at home isn’t always ‘easier’ or ‘better’.

I don’t know about you, but I have had some people tell me I’m a bad mom for not staying home with my kids and expecting someone else to raise them. I’m not a bad mom. Personally, working actually makes me a better mom. After my son got used to daycare, he started thriving. His speech got better. He fell in love with painting. He learned social skills that I couldn’t teach him when he was at home with me. My one year old gets to play with other kids his age. I never wonder if he’s ok because we have an excellent daycare provider that loves him like one of her own. I learned that my daughter loves riding the school bus and eventually, when she goes to middle school, she’ll end up having to ride a bus anyway. Staying at home may be ‘easier’ or ‘better’ for some people, but for us and our family, it wasn’t. 

Yes, I still struggle some days– but on other days I feel more like myself than I have in years. It’s not easy to work fulltime and raise 3 small kids, but we are doing the best we can. Having a happy mama makes for happier kids. Do what’s best for YOU and YOUR family. Let’s stop judging one or the other because BOTH sides are hard. Being a parent is hard enough. 

Whether you work or stay home with your kids, I support you mamas! You do you!

*Side note: I went back to work after my first was 10 weeks old. I cried for 2 days straight while at work because I missed her so much. I learned that I was not emotionally ready or prepared to be at work. At the time, I had no choice so I pushed through. After my second, I went back to work after 12 weeks off. I felt ok because I knew what to expect. I also politely asked that no one ask me about the baby for at least a week (otherwise I would have burst into tears). I went back to work after my youngest was 9 months old. It was hard, but because he was a difficult baby and I was not in a good mental place, the work distracted me and helped me get back to ME. 

Check out this Working Mom Survival Kit

Celebrating MLK Jr. Day in Milwaukee with Kids

MLK Jr DayMLK Jr. Day is not just a free day off of school.

We celebrate the life and activism of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a champion of civil rights, a preacher, an activist, and a man who fought for the humanity of all people. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was born in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1929. He worked his life to achieve equality and justice for all Americans. His platform was built around peaceful protesting.

During the “March on Washington,” MLK Jr. gave his most famous speech, now known as “I Have a Dream.” In 1964, Congress passed the Civil Rights Act, outlawing racial segregation in publicly-owned facilities. King’s advocacy wasn’t accepted by all. In fact, King was assassinated by James Earl Ray on April 4, 1968 on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel.

We remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., today when we think about equal and civil rights and honor his memory while we continue to fight for the equality he both lived and died for. To help you do this with the next generation, I have put together some kid-friendly resources for celebrating the holiday dedicated to this incredible man.

Educate Your Children on MLK and Diversity ::

MLK Jr Day

Kid President :: Watch this YouTube video with your children. Kid President is cute, funny and accurate!

National Geographic :: They offer an informative article including pictures and fun facts!

The Kids Activity Blog :: Teach your children about diversity with this egg demonstration. Our shells might be different colors but we are all the same on the inside.

Check out our Pinterest Board “School House Rock” for more crafts and activities to do with your children!

Write about it! Milwaukee schools have been participating in essay and poetry writing in honor of Dr. King for years! Give your children a prompt or question and see where their minds take them!

Check out a book about Martin Luther King Jr from your local library to read and discuss with your child. This one is a favorite of ours!

Attend a MLK Jr. Day Event in Milwaukee  ::

Dr. Martin Luther King, JR. Birthday Celebration – The 35th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Celebration is on Sunday, January 19th, 2020 from 1:00 pm-3:00 pm at the Marcus Center. This year’s theme is “Your Life Has Significance.” The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Celebration programming highlights the youth in our community who every year interpret Dr. King’s words through an art, speech and writing contest. In addition, various cultural arts organizations take center stage in Uihlein Hall, truly demonstrating the excellence of our arts community. Some of the groups celebrating with us have included United Indians of Milwaukee, Latino Arts Strings, Milwaukee Flyers Tumbling Team, O.N.F.Y.A.H, MPS’ Milwaukee High School of the Arts Jazz Ensemble, Majestic Community Choir and more! The event concludes with the Paulette Y. Copeland Reception in the Atrium. Location: 929 N Water Street, Milwaukee,  // (414) 273-7206

King Day at the MLK Community Center —Join us on January 20th at noon, at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center as we celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. King. Enjoy presentations of music, spoken word, dance, and more. Location: 1531 West Vliet Street, Milwaukee // (414) 344-5600

MLK Day at Milwaukee Public Library – Milwaukee Public Library hosts a full day of activities honoring the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday, January 20, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Martin Luther King Branch. For the past 10 years the branch has opened on Martin Luther King Jr. Day to offer a celebration filled with poetry, music, dance, crafts, games and community services. Programming for the celebration is funded by the Milwaukee Public Library Foundation. This all day celebration will run from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm with events throughout the day including music, stories, and crafts! There are sessions for children, teens, and adults so bring the entire family!

Neighbors of the Dream – Join us at “Neighbors of the Dream,” a city-wide event to stand against racial divides, hosted by the Milwaukee Declaration (milwaukeedeclaration.com). Monday, January 20, 2019 from 6:30-8:00 pm at Eastbrook Church (5353 N. Green Bay Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53209).

MLK Day: Family Morning of Service – Join the Bay View Community Center for our 2nd annual MLK Day Family Morning of Service on Monday, January 20 from 9:30-11:30 am. Families with children of all ages are welcome. We’ll share stories, learn together, and work on a service project. After, a soup lunch and open play in our Children’s Room will be available. Details about registration are available on the event page.

MLK Event 2020 – “What Would King Do?” Monday, January 20, 2020 from 11:00 am-1:00pm at Waukesha County Technical College. This year’s guest speaker is Muhibb Dyer, Co-founder of Flood the Hood with Dreams. Wanting to live and teach the messages he brings, Muhibb began a successful campaign to bring the art of the spoken word to inner city youth. Muhibb Dyer has dedicated his life to helping others navigate their way through painful experiences and connect to their purpose. FREE and Open to the Public, RSVP Required.

Allied in the FightCelebrate the Civil Rights Movement on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day with Jewish Museum Milwaukee’s traveling exhibit, Allied in the Fight: Jews, Black and the Struggle for Civil Rights. Allied in the Fight explores the partnership between Jewish and African American leaders in confronting systematic racism in the United States. The exhibit addresses Black-Jewish collaboration within the Civil Rights Movement and the complicated nature of Jewish contributions to the Civil Rights movement through archival materials and information from a national perspective. Free Admission. Monday, January 20 at 10:00 am.

Meet the Watson Family – Special Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Program from 11:00 am-3:00 pm. Interact with the true story of Sully and Susanna Watson, a couple who played a vital role in establishing Milwaukee’s black middle class. Experience a replica of the Watson House in the Streets of Old Milwaukee and explore their family history through images and objects that illustrate this vibrant era in the city’s black heritage. Free with admission.

A toast to all the moms who feel like a hot mess

It’s Sunday night and I am a hot mess. The little is all tucked in bed, an hour later than scheduled. There are bottles to be washed, the dryer is beeping at me that its finished, and the to-do list I made at the beginning of the weekend remains sitting on my counter, untouched. I have a good hour or two before sleep calls my name, so I could get a few things done around the house. Instead, I just poured myself a big glass of wine and am sitting on my living room floor scrolling through Instagram.

Each photo I scroll through makes me feel a little more guilty about my disheveled, hot-mess lifestyle. I see these sweet families, put together, smiling, out and about, and the truth is, my kid didn’t wear pants all weekend because we haven’t left the house.

Is my kid missing out? He deserves a better mom. I should really be planning more activities for him. Did I even brush my hair this morning?

Motherhood these days is so competitive and I try really hard to keep the feelings of not being enough at bay, but motherhood is not all sunshine and roses and this has definitely been a rain clouds and weeds kind of week.

So tonight, I raise a glass to the moms whose laundry still isn’t folded :: to the moms who are just barely keeping it together :: to the moms who think they have it all together, but feel like they are coming up short every time.

You are enough.

You are doing enough.

Didn’t make it to the museum this weekend? That’s okay.

Opted for the dry shampoo instead of a shower? That’s okay.

Is the house still a mess? That’s okay.

To-do list not done? That’s okay.

Drink the wine. Skip the chores. Kiss on your kiddos. Love them a little more each day. Stop beating yourself up. We are all going to be okay.

Cheers, my fellow hot-mess mommas. One day, we will master this whole momming thing. Until then, bottoms up!

Summer Style Fun in Winter at Elite Sports Clubs


Join us for a morning of summer fun….IN WINTER!

Get those winter blues out with active fun at The Quad at Elite Sports Clubs in Glendale! We’re bringing back summer in February!

Got Cabin Fever?! Join us on Saturday, February 1 from 9:30-11:30am at the Quad (@ Elite Sports Club River Glen Campus) for a morning of running, jumping, climbing, bowling, dribbling, and MORE.

Plus, we’ll have sponsors on-site from our Summer Camp Guide sharing about the options you have for the Summer, and even sign-up on site!

So throw on your shorts and t-shirts and bring back Summer with us! All ages welcome. Registration and parent supervision required. $5 per family.

WHEN: Saturday, February 1st from 9:30-11:30 am
WHERE: The Quad at Elite Sports Clubs – River Glen (2001 Good Hope Rd, Milwaukee, WI 53209)

Mommy Wars 2.0: Parenting in the Age of Technology


Mommy wars

High school was tough. The Mommy Wars are worse.

My parents sent me to a prestigious all girls private school thinking this would help me to avoid some of the social landmines that most teens face. That plan failed. There were still the cliques- mean girls, jocks, theater kids, etc. I never really found my place and often got into verbal altercations with other girls- yes I was THAT teen. I rebelled- hard. I found my own group of friends but it wasn’t exactly the wholesome experience my parents were hoping for.

In college I found my rhythm. With each passing year my confidence grew and my partying slowed.

I established a solid group of friends. I got married and had children before most of my childhood friends, however, so I was craving a new social crew. A nice mom invited me to a group for new moms at a local hospital. As soon as I stepped foot into that room, I felt a sense of relief. I had hit the mothering jackpot. These moms were amazing–welcoming me with open arms and moral support. I gained a few close friends from this group.

Similar to a new romantic relationship, we began to court.

First, the exchange of numbers. Then, the first text and the plans outside of the playgroup. I was fortunate enough to hit it off with a few amazing women. As many relationships go, we entered the infatuation stage. We were all just so happy to have other moms to connect to and friends for our children to engage with.

As the months went by, however, that uneasy feeling crept in. That feeling of being judged, of questioning my actions. I saw my son not getting along so well with the child of a friend. I hate to say it, but I was deeply conflicted about what to do. This mom had become a close friend, we saw each other almost daily, and I didn’t want to start the mommy wars. On the other hand, I also saw my super sensitive, sweet kiddo struggling with this other child. They just didn’t mesh. Instead of talking to my friend right away, I let the problem grow. Other moms became involved, texts were exchanged.

I finally got up the courage to say something face to face and lets just say it did NOT go well.  The backlash was big. The text messages, emails, and phone conversations that ensued were toxic. I was quickly transported back to my 15 year old self, except this time the messages were typed behind a screen instead of spoken to my face. This one small issue between our toddlers turned into a much bigger thing. Our social group was irreparably fractured as moms felt like they had to take sides.

While I know this all may seem trivial, these moms were and still are my life. As a SAHM, these women understand my day to day and help to keep me sane. I had to mourn the loss. Looking back, I should have handled things differently. I should not have hidden behind my phone. This parenting thing is hard enough and we owe it to ourselves and each other to be honest and to be kind. We teach our children this every day but often forget it as adults.

Be kind, be honest, be open. Assume the best. Avoid the mommy wars. We are all in this thing called motherhood together.

Ep. 7 : What Parents Need to Know about Human Trafficking

"Human Trafficking worldwide is know as a hidden crime, but it's hidden in plain sight."

Episode 7 – What Parents Need to Know about Human Trafficking

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month and this episode is full of valuable information for parents regarding what trafficking means, the language used to describe it, the risk factors and red flags, as well as crucial details every parent needs to understand about human trafficking

In this episode, we dispel some of the myths that are out there about human trafficking, identify some red flags parents should watch for, and how parents can parent from a place of love rather than fear.  

Episode #7 - Show Notes

Human trafficking is the trade of humans for the purpose of forced labor, sexual exploitation, and/or slavery. Even though slavery has been abolished, human trafficking still exists. Human trafficking is the modern-day form of slavery. Researchers estimate that some 21 million people are enslaved worldwide.  




Episode #7 - About Our Guest



Raised in the Milwaukee area, Melania has always had a heart for humans. Once upon a time a teen mom, she wings her way through motherhood with chocolate, her mom tribe, and all the love. A sought-after local speaker and advocate for the victims of human trafficking, Melania truly has a heart for her fellow humans. Melania believes that labels should be twisted into good, Pinterest is a form of self-care, and Instagram is the best of social media platforms. Her days are spent balancing her career, drinking chai tea, reading good books, and adventuring with her daughter, Yara.

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