Colleen is a freelance writer who loves being a mom, and spends most days trying to write with one hand while playing peek-a-boo with the other. Coffee is her co-parent, and Dr. Sears is her spirit animal. She loves (in no particular order) her baby girl, her husband Matt, walking along Lake Michigan, eating cake and embarking on DIY projects she has neither the room to display nor the time to complete. She wants to give her daughter the same blissful childhood she had but without the corduroy shorts for picture day, because those were just the worst.

What I Want My Daughter to Know About Anxiety

My husband and I have always known that we would most likely have children who struggle with anxiety in some way. I could write a 4,000-word post entitled “Things I Currently Am or Have...

The 9 People You Meet When You’re Pregnant

Nothing brings out the crazies like the sight of a doe-eyed, soccer-ball-tummied first-time preggo.  The nurse who knows everything. This gal’s been delivering babies since the days when they force-fed preggies laxatives, and she’s not impressed...