Mother of 3. English instructor of 100’s. Loving wife of a great husband who lets her have Saturday mornings to herself. I didn’t know I lived in America until I was 4, and raise my kids to know their Croatian roots. Ran off to Guam to get married and have our first child. I swear in Croatian because I assume no one will understand. I can identify with the hot mess mom in most YouTube videos. When I’m not trying to figure out who has practice on what day for whatever, I’m trying to sneak in a nap while cooking dinner.
shout out to the stay at home moms

S/O to the stay at home moms

Parenting is hard. Dare I say mommy-ing is harder—all the stress, tears, and multiple personalities that come out in one day. And then there's taking care of the actual children. That's why I want to...

The Morning I Tried to Take My Vitamins

One morning, I was trying to take my vitamins--in the morning--when I’m supposed to. This is what actually happened: As I reached into the fridge to grab the probiotics, I saw there was an open...
working out

Why I Work Out:: I’m Doing It for Me

Working out. For a long time I had a membership to a gym because I felt like I was supposed to. I did it so I could get discounts on the classes they offered...

Give Homework a Chance

I’m a fan of homework. There, I said it. I feel better now. Homework is something we come across on a long path of lifelong learning. I don’t believe in three hours of homework...
joys of motherhood

The Joys of Motherhood:: How Did I End Up Here?

Ah, the joys of motherhood. On the surface it seems easy, right? With all the self-help books out there and friends who have procreated before you, what could possibly go wrong? Let me tell...

Different is Beautiful

My daughter and I stopped at the gas station the other day to grab some soda and a snack. We were talking in Croatian like always and the lady behind us smiled at me...

The Hard Conversations About Harassment

  Recently, I was part of heated debate online about a man who was accused of sexual harassment. Suddenly, the comments were turned off to eliminate any words that may be said in the heat...

It’s a Croatian Christmas!

Holidays in America are busy. The family, the food, the gifts, the running around, and more. However, the holidays with an immigrant family are a whole different kind of crazy. In my family, not...

Mom Guilt:: Who Does it Serve?

I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of serious mom guilt. Some days it piles on more than others, but it’s always there. I’m a college instructor, a student, a wife,...

What’s in a Name? Keeping My Culture Alive

The other morning my son, Tomislav (Toma for short) decided he was going to change his name when was ten. He wanted to change it to Black Panther. While I thought it was funny,...