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Cancer: When the Fear Never Really Goes Away

It’s Sunday night, and I just finished the Breast Cancer Guide. I’m wrapped in a blanket, drinking hot cocoa, and shivering from the flu. Logically, I know it’s the flu because two of the...

A Family Guide to Geocaching in Wisconsin

My family started geocaching about four years ago. It’s been a fun way to explore the outdoors while “treasure hunting” in some new places. We’ve found caches in our neighborhood, at our local fire...

Keeping Him Close: The Story of a Purse

This is a story about a purse. My mother-in-law carried one specific purse, a well-made but nondescript brown leather bag, every day for more than 50 years. Through the births of two children and the births...

“Splurges” That Help Me Be A Better Mom

As a mom of four kids under 12, time is at a premium. No matter how much I lean in, I’ve learned a tough lesson: I can’t do everything, and prioritizing what matters is...

Milwaukee: I Love You

Nine years ago, a recruiter convinced me to expand my job search to include Milwaukee. “It’s super close to Chicago,” she reasoned, “and there are some great opportunities in Wisconsin." I hesitated. Milwaukee? Wisconsin? I...
Simple and Delicious Margarita Recipes featured

Delicious and Simple Margarita Recipe #NationalMargaritaDay

Salted rim? On the rocks or frozen? Traditional lime or maybe a tropical fruit? Virgin or maybe you have a tequila preference? It's National Margarita Day - time to celebrate with a simple margarita...

What about the stuff? Lessons in becoming a family

Last fall I remarried and gained two “bonus” kiddos. In retrospect, while going from a family of three to a family of six and merging two houses completely full of stuff, I should have...

School Shooting: When My Son Heard A Threat

I had to do something no parent should have to do: Call the police about a rumored school shooting. On the drive home from school, my son nonchalantly mentioned he heard about a plan to...

A Lesson from an Eight-Year Old on Defining Family

Sometimes our littles provide us with the biggest lessons. My heart sank when I opened my third-grade daughter’s school folder to find an assignment on immigration. Students needed to interview mom, dad, grandparents, and other...
art projects

All the Art Projects by Your Kids:: An Organizational Hack

The start of the school year brings mountains of art projects, school work, and homemade holiday gifts – all of which take up space as the quantities of “art” just keep coming. When I was...