Kate is a former high school math teacher and the stay-at-home mom of Bug (August 2013), Ladybug (August 2015), and Honeybee (November 2018). She lives in the North Shore with her husband and college sweetheart, Luke. She began writing after a postpartum diagnosis of OCD. Kate writes about parenting, stigma-fighting, and life with a mental illness at Mommy Has OCD

Backyard Games and Tailgating Fun with Kids

  In our early twenties, my husband and I figured out how to tailgate REALLY well. We were regulars in the lots surrounding Miller Park. In fact, we registered for tailgating gear when we got...

We All Need a Laugh, but Not Everything is Funny

COVID 19. Safer at home. Worrying about loved ones. Educating our kids in a new way. Trying to meet our families' mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional needs during this new normal. I don't know...

St. Patrick’s Day Activities with the Wee Ones

Growing up in an Irish family, St. Patrick’s Day traditions started when my brother and I were infants. Now that I have three children of my own, I want to continue to celebrate my heritage...

Celebrate Fat Tuesday with the Best Paczki in Milwaukee

The season of Lent is just around the corner which means it's time for a time-honored tradition for many Milwaukeeans — Paczki Day! And no, they are not just your standard jelly doughnut. Anyone...

Five Ways to Thrill the Dinosaur-Loving Kiddo

5 Ways to Thrill the Dinosaur-Loving Kid! Even at six, dinosaurs are a favorite for my son. Give him half an hour, and he can fill it with dinosaur facts you never knew. The former...

Stay Employable, Stay-at-Home Moms!

Stay-at-home Moms: let’s talk employability. You may never want to work again, but it’s far better to choose not to walk through an open door than to have it slammed in your face. Here...
financial protection

Five Financial Protection Tips for Stay at Home Moms

Fellow Mamas, I'm not trying to scare you, but too many of us are vastly unprepared for the financial mess that can come with a massive life change. What do I mean by life...
baby growth spurts

Baby Growth Spurts:: 5 Stages You Need to Know

Baby growth spurts, high-frequency days, just plain H-E-Double Hockey Sticks; whatever you call them--they are an inevitable part of mothering an infant. If you happen to be breastfeeding, they can seem especially trying. Like...

Milwaukee Area Pools, Splash Pads, and Beaches

In the Milwaukee Area, we have a ton of options for Water Play, from fantastic beaches that stretch along the coast of Lake Michigan to splash pads in neighborhoods all over the city and...

The Struggle with Anxiety:: Why I Explained It to My Kids

My children have a few important people in their lives who happen to struggle with an anxiety disorders. While I won't name them or describe their exact relationship with my kids out of respect...