Kristen is currently a SAHM who is addicted to strong coffee, knitting, and Netflix. She moved to the area in January 2016 after she and her husband fell in love with the culture of Milwaukee. She has two sons and her favorite challenge to herself is, “Do it scared” and she says it to herself almost every day. She also believes that there is power in a bold lipstick and a good pair of heels.
Holiday Events and Festivals 2019

5 Tips for Creating Holiday Traditions

Many of my memories as a kid are centered around Christmas. Decorating the tree listening to the California Raisins sing carols. Leaving cookies and milk for Santa and a few carrots for his reindeer....

Your Child’s Mental Health:: What to Do in a Crisis

This post is sponsored by Rogers Behavioral Health, a not-for-profit, independent provider of specialized mental health and addiction services for adults, teens, and children. Offering treatment in seven states, Rogers is one of the largest...
loving yourself

Loving Ourselves:: We Deserve This

A little over a year ago, our family experienced something unexpected and really, really hard. We found ourselves operating in crisis mode, getting very little sleep, and eating when we could, all while still...

Living Your Best Year: Choosing Your Theme

A new year always brings things into focus for me. In the past, I've sat down with my journal and written out a list of resolution. But, like many of you, the thought of...

I am The Lonely Mom. Nice to Meet You.

I am the lonely mom.  About a year ago, I was in a really dark place. We had been in Milwaukee for almost a year and I was struggling with the baby blues after having...

Parenting Your Mini Me

"One day you will have one just like you." This truth crossed my mom's lips about a million times when I was growing up. Of course, I would roll my eyes and walk away, mumbling yeah right under...

Shopping Guide :: Businesses that Give Back

It's no secret that we've had a rough year. With the many tragedies that our world has faced in the last several months, we have seen many organizations step up and give back to...

The First Day Nerves

As we made the short drive from our home to school, I asked my oldest how he was feeling.  "Are you excited for your first day of kindergarten?"  "Well, I'm a lot excited and a little...

Back to School Makeup :: Gettin’ Your Face On in 5 Minutes Flat

School is right around the corner and that means — routine, routine, routine. No matter how much of a routine we have, it still feels like we're off to the races when the alarm...

Living with Leaks No Longer {PeriCoach GIVEAWAY}

Several weeks ago, my secret was exposed....I am a pants-peeing mama.  As in, hard-sneezing, solid-coughing, don't get me laughing or I will wet myself kind of peeing. And then there was the time where just...