Meg hung up her wanderlust over ten years ago to return home to Milwaukee, but before that she bounced from Vermont to New Orleans to Paris. A teacher for twelve years, she taught everything from French to Home Ec, only pausing her love of educating children long enough to earn her Grand Diplome in Cuisine and Pastry from the Cordon Bleu. She and her husband are always cooking up something fun at their home in Shorewood with their three daughters and two cats.

Milwaukee Guide to Harvest Fair

The air is crisp. Kids are back in school. Football is all Wisconsin can talk about. It’s fall and we are here for it! But just because the summer has gone doesn't mean festival...

Fall is here! Pumpkin and Apple Recipe Round-Up

The minute the leaves begin to turn and the air feels crisp in the morning, I want to make ALL THE PUMPKIN AND APPLE THINGS!!! The warm, homey scent of these fruits of fall...

11 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

Before I had kids, I gleefully handed out trick-or-treat candy with one caveat: if the person asking for candy was not wearing a costume, they need to do a trick to get their treat....

Wisconsin State Fair Date Night :: How to Do It Right

The Wisconsin State Fair is known for family friendly fun, but if you aren’t doing the fair after dark, you are missing out. My husband and I agree that nothing beats going on a...
free-range parenting

Free-Range Parenting with Elite Sports Clubs

Is it just me, or do other parents look at their kids at least once a week and marvel and how much they’ve grown? Sometimes it’s because their pants no longer reach their ankles,...

The Shocking Content that Made Me Delete YouTube From Our Devices

It all started so innocently. Four years ago, changing my wiggly then 18-month-old’s diapers was an aerobic event that often left me breathless. One day, in an effort to get her cleaned up with less...
snow day

Mom-Approved Snow Day Survival Guide

Winter is here in full effect. This week, the weather forecast looks brutal, and parents in the Milwaukee area are bracing themselves for a snow day or two. Facing multiple days of school cancellations...

Thanksgiving Dinner Tips and Tricks

"Are you hosting Thanksgiving dinner?" If answering that question in the affirmative has you feeling a little stressed, fear not. Whether it’s your first time making a Thanksgiving dinner or your fiftieth, busy cooks need tips...

On Building a Bond with My Newest Baby:: An Open Letter

My Newest Baby, I worry about my bond with you. Your sisters and I click. We have what I think of as an "It" factor. We laugh together. We get frustrated with one another. We know...

My Stress-Free Potty Training Secret

I have a stress-free potty training method that worked beautifully with my children. It’s pretty revolutionary, so buckle your seatbelts. Here it is: Wait until your child is completely ready and potty training is a...