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Six Pregnancy and Postpartum Care Providers You Didn’t Know You Needed

This pregnancy resource is sponsored by Vios Fertility Institute. The mission at Vios Fertility Institute is to help patients find their way to fertility health...

Fed Up with Insistent Incontinence:: The Impact of Pelvic Floor Therapy

This post is sponsored by Revitalize Physical Therapy. With locations in Wauwatosa and Hales Corners, the caring staff seeks to provide hands-on, one on...

What No One Tells You About Your Postpartum Body

Dr. Brenda Heinecke is the owner and founder of Revitalize Physical Therapy, with locations in Wauwatosa and Hales Corners, and also a brand new...

When Kegels Don’t Cut It :: Pelvic Floor Therapy with Revitalize

Fellow mamas, rejoice. As it turns out, we are NOT actually doomed to a lifetime of peeing our pants. Through pelvic floor therapy, women can move beyond Kegels and reclaim the confidence every mother deserves.