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5 Lessons Yoga has Taught me about Motherhood

After diagnosing me with a postpartum mood disorder, my physician “prescribed” taking time for myself as part of my treatment plan. Having been a...

Dear Mom Friends – Why Didn’t You Warn Me?

Before I was a mom, I thought I knew it all. Why didn't anyone warn me?  I spent hours pouring over blog posts about labor,...

Anxiety Happened to Me

I’ve heard of people suffering from postpartum anxiety, but I never thought it was something I would personally struggle with. Ever since my son was...

When it Isn’t Depression :: The Other Postpartum Mood Disorders

I suffered greatly after my second child was born.  Postpartum depression is not talked about nearly enough. Over the past few years, brave celebrity moms have...

Opening Up about Anxiety and Depression

It wasn't until my daughter was 4 years old that I realized that I had battled with Postpartum Depression and continued to battle anxiety. All...

What PPD Looks Like to ME

The time surrounding the birth of a new baby is full to the brim with emotions: excitement, anxiety, joy, pain, nervousness, relief, etc. People are constantly...