Born and raised in Milwaukee, and now live on the Tosa/Milwaukee border with my husband and daughter. Happily a "one and done" family just working my way through this crazy thing called motherhood. You'll find me adventuring around town with my daughter showing her all the fun stuff in the city. Lover of all things Milwaukee, soccer, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Disney. I'll probably never turn down a beer or a trip to the zoo!
DIY Christmas Gifts

20 DIY Gift Ideas for the Holidays

I love giving DIY gifts and I love crafting. This time of year is my favorite because I get to live my best life DIY-ing and gift-giving! Does just looking at a craft store...

Fun Scenic Drives In and Around Milwaukee

  With lots of things changing this summer, I know we'll be looking for different and fun things to do. As a kid, my parents would always take us on day trips around the state...

No Thanks, My Four Year Old Doesn’t Need a Boyfriend

A while ago, at school, another mom was talking to me about how our kids love playing together (awesome!). Then, in front of both of them, she said something along the lines of how...
Summer Camp Guide Feature Image 2020

Stay Safe at Home, I Need Summer

I'm an extrovert. Staying home for a prolonged time is hard for me. My self-care is being out with friends, going out to dinner, for drinks, to parties, to concerts. Basically, being with the...

Working Out At Home : How to Stay Active During Quarantine

We are still trying to figure out the best way to continue with social distancing while keeping the same routines. We have gathered together some great websites/apps to help you to continue to work...

Married to an Introvert, When You Aren’t One: How We Make it Work

Being married/partnered with someone always has its hardships and struggles, but one of the things that have been the hardest for my husband and me is the fact that he is a true introvert,...