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Milwaukee Mom is written by and for moms who live in the Milwaukee Area. We strive to connect local moms by sharing personal experiences, fun ideas and useful information as well as promoting local businesses. Our community begins online, but doesn't stop there! We offer Mom's Night Out events, play groups and other opportunities to connect offline, with and without kids.

Milwaukee Area Private School Guide

Welcome to the Milwaukee Area Private School Guide! Many families seek private schooling for their children. We are thrilled to offer the Milwaukee Area Private School Guide as a resource to help you in making...

Guide to Milwaukee Preschools and Childcare

Welcome to the Milwaukee Area Preschool & Childcare Guide! Preschool, Nursery School, Childcare Center? What’s the best choice for your family? We are so excited to offer the Milwaukee Area Preschools & Childcare Guide as a...
free little library in Milwaukee

Milwaukee Area Little Free Library Guide

Chances are, you’ve seen a Little Free Library in your neighborhood. At first glance, they may look like over-sized birdhouses, but these little libraries are actually points of light in communities, promoting literacy, creating community, and cultivating a love...

Spotlight On Milwaukee Black Authors

The greater Milwaukee area is simply thriving with talented authors who are creating books that families need to know about. We are grateful to Orange Hat Publishing in Waukesha for collaborating with us on...

Ice Castles Return to Lake Geneva in Mid-January 2021

(Lake Geneva, WI): The Ice Castles – a winter wonderland will be returning to Lake Geneva this winter! This is the third year Ice Castles has built its winter experience in Lake Geneva. Opening mid-January 2021! Visit their...
outdoor ice skating rinks

Outdoor Ice Skating in Milwaukee

Get the gang together, put on a cute hat and your warmest mittens, lace up those skates, and hit the ice! There’s something about skating in the snow that’s just a little bit magical....

Milwaukee Area Fitness Guide

“Fitness is not about being better than someone else … it’s about being better than you used to be.” As moms there are SO many things that take up our time, energy and attention. We pour...

“Lowlands On the Go” Makes Family Style Dining Available From Home | Plus, FREE...

Lowlands Group has launched their new "On the Go" Program, designed to bring Family-Style Dining and Snackable Boxes right to you, wherever you are.  With people eating and entertaining in so many different ways this...

Ski Resorts and Ski Hills Around Milwaukee

With or without snow on the ground, winter in Wisconsin is here and when the temperatures drop, it can get a little tougher to find ways to stay active outdoors. Obviously, the old fashioned...
sledding hills

Milwaukee Area Sledding Hills

My kids have spent an epic amount of time outside this year and that's not going to change once the snow falls either! What better way to spend some time getting some fresh air...