Being a Milwaukee native for Samantha has come to be one more sign her Jesus knows her heart; if home wasn’t going to be the ocean coast, Milwaukee is it! Raising a family here now with her husband, Kyle, exploring is at the heart of everything they hope for their children in raising them to find the path that belongs to them, with hearts for lifting those around them to do the same.

The Storm Before the Rainbow Baby

  Before ever my husband and I had five vigorous children at home, determined daily to illuminate who they are and what they’re capable of, there were four children who were ours before them. If...

Adoption Isn’t Second Best

My own childhood rooted me in the brilliance of the adopted connection. The special place that foster family played in our family was always common knowledge to me. It was at a young age,...

The Best Friend in Motherhood

I've learned a thing or two in motherhood about what, or who, rather, a "best friend" is. I have a feeling you're going to want to thank those ladies in your life after reading through...

Kids See Color

We are a transracial adoptive family, and I’m here to tell you that kids- yes, even your kids- see color in race. I understand if this has you shifting in your seat. We’ve all heard it...

It’s Okay to Be Mad, Mom

The day had come so very close to its end, and as I felt my heart beating faster, my patience was wearing all the faster when one of my boys spoke these words of...

Find Freedom in Acknowledging What is Not For You

"This is not for you,"  counter-intuitive for a blog, I admit. Should you heed my warning and turn now to leave, I am entirely content with that, so long as you take that first...

Why You Want to Foster a Teen

Perhaps you’ve begun reading this even though your response to the title was that you couldn’t imagine you want to foster children at all, let alone a teen. Great! Stick with me! I am sure I...

The Practice of Gratitude in Parenting

Gratitude is one of the first concepts thrust upon us in our experience of life. Think about it. Was “Thank you” not one of the first words you received in language and passed on...

When Postpartum Grace Ends

Getting towards the end of those six weeks of grace set aside for the postpartum mother (if that) has me reflecting on how essential it is that we love ourselves well and lift one...

Depression from Childhood to Motherhood

I determined as adulthood came upon me, that before entering into motherhood, I would leave my childhood depression and anxiety behind me. Motherhood was what I wanted, who I was even, since before my...