Being a Milwaukee native for Samantha has come to be one more sign her Jesus knows her heart; if home wasn’t going to be the ocean coast, Milwaukee is it! Raising a family here now with her husband, Kyle, exploring is at the heart of everything they hope for their children in raising them to find the path that belongs to them, with hearts for lifting those around them to do the same.

To the Mother of the Spirited Child- Part 2: Living in Relationship With Your...

We're living day to day in a relationship with our spirited children. We want it to be a good relationship. We feel the responsibility to lead them well, and we can. First, We Must Know...

To the Mother of the Spirited Child- Part 1: You Are Not Alone

If you are rearing a spirited child, you know, you don’t need me to tell you. What you might not realize within this all-consuming place of parenting is that you are not alone. Strong-willed...

A Glimpse into the Face of Foster Care Through the Courtroom

I pictured a monumental, analytical space when I pictured the workings of the courtroom. Imagine my surprise when, upon entering the courtroom, it is a picture of the humanity in the face of foster...