GO SEE EXPLORE: Safari Lake Geneva


As awesome as it is to be exposed to exotic animals, we know from our own neighborhood adventures that there isn’t anything like having an encounter with an animal in its own element. Safari Lake Geneva is a must-see. 

GO SEE EXPLORE Safari Lake Geneva with us, and witness the two come together, not across the globe, but in Milwaukee’s own backyard, just within an hour from our home on the border of West Milwaukee.

“This is Safari Lake Geneva, not a zoo, not a theme park, but a unique wildlife preserve that is home to animals from around the world.”

Our experience was nothing less, visiting during the second year that Safari Lake Geneva welcomed guests into their wildlife experience right from the comfort of their own vehicles, brilliantly adapting to the world in the midst of a pandemic.

GO SEE EXPLORE Safari Lake Geneva from May 1st to October 31st, during the hours of 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

At the time of our visit, reservations were required to be booked at their website, scheduled in one-hour time-slots to moderate traffic and provide the best experience for guests and animals alike.
Arrival can be up to one hour before or after your scheduled one-hour time slot, a blend of structure and flexibility that this Milwaukee Mom, for one, much appreciates. 

Once you’ve arrived, you’re free to stay until close, driving through the Safari Lake Geneva reserve as many times as you like.

There’s even a small fenced-in area perfect for taking respite from the car alongside a few lingering animals before venturing back on another expedition through the reserves.

There are bathrooms on-site, within a trailer, functional and tidy during our visit.
This amenity is one we didn’t take for granted, as we were also able to wash our hands and enjoy the snacks we packed to tie us over between meals during our visit, effortlessly a two-hour stay. 

The price is per person, not per car, at $19.95 per adult and $12.95 per child (age 3-15).

Enjoy an even more intimate encounter with the animals with a bucket (or three) of their house blend of grain on hand for feeding the animals.

Buckets are sold for $5 each, either with the purchase of tickets or at the entrance, a simple detour should you find–like we did–you aren’t prepared to depart from the animals quite yet.

The rangers were happy to provide us with an empty bucket for each bucket we purchased upon our request.
Dividing the buckets we purchased gave everyone in our car an opportunity to feed the animals and reserved our supply when we came across the animals with the most eager appetites.

The path is marked clearly, signs serving as guides to the speed limit and when and where to stop.
Doors must remain closed, but open windows are encouraged!
If your little one isn’t quite prepared to interact so closely with the animals, close the windows and enjoy the drive!

Should you be caught behind a herd of animals (and at Safari Lake Geneva, you just might), or need any other assistance, simply beep twice, and rangers will come to your aid.

For us, the cost to GO SEE EXPLORE Safari Lake Geneva was worth the adventure alone. Still, I also left grateful to have contributed to the work that is being done to educate families and protect the animals in an environment reminiscent of home.

Share your animal encounters with us at Milwaukee Mom if you GO SEE EXPLORE Safari Lake Geneva for yourself. Tag us on IG: @milwaukeemoms!

An exhilarating discovery awaits adults and kids alike. 


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