Shel is married to a handsome dare devil of a man, the mother of 3 beautiful & independent girls, a retired fire lieutenant, current disaster responder & international aid team leader. She spends her spare time coaching volleyball & teaching at the local UW and technical college on a variety of topics from pre-hospital medicine to surviving the zombie apocalypse. She is a prolific reader and seldom forgets a useless piece of information...only the important stuff.

Being a Firefighter and a Mom on September 11th

I am a firefighter, retired now after 22 years, but still a firefighter at heart. And I am a mom. A mom who had to explain to her daughters the dangers of being a...

My Secret Relationship with Suicide

My secret relationship with suicide started as a child. I remember being little, like before starting school little, and praying to start life over. I would make little bargains in my head promising to be...

Go, See, Explore: The Harley Davidson Museum

We are enormous fans of the Harley Davidson Museum. In complete disclosure, my husband is a gear head, and everyone in our family has learned to ride a motorcycle at some point. With a...

Coach’s Corner: Advice for Parents on building a Budding Athlete

  It's hard to know when to prepare your child to be an athlete. Sports seem to sneak up on parents unexpectedly. Maybe you weren't an athlete, or you weren't aware that your child could...