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My Son’s Haircut

A funny thing happens when you have kids. Everything you know goes out the window. Growing up, I never questioned how I dressed or...

Please Stop Apologizing for Thinking My Son Is a Girl

This summer at Bastille Days, my two-year-old and I sat down in the grass in Cathedral Square to watch some dancers perform. He started...

Three Things About Being a Two-Mom Family

For the most part, our two-mom family looks like other families. We work, the kids go to school, there are endless after-school activities and...

My Son is Not an Athlete, and That’s OK

My son could care less about sports. He doesn't like football, he can barely catch a ball, and he's certainly not the most coordinated kid....

35 Ways You Know You Are Raising A Houseful of Boys

I am a proud mom of all boys. Three boys vs. one female in my home. Some may think my family is a nut...