My Wooble Crochet Experience :: How I Made My First Crochet Animal


When my daughter started half-day 4K, joining my son at school for a few hours a day, I wondered what I would do with my new found ‘free time’. I certainly knew that I had enough to keep me busy, but I thought it was time to treat myself to something. I decided that something would be trying out new hobbies.

Thankfully, Instagram had my back and introduced me (via random advertisement) to Woobles.

If you are not familiar with Woobles- they are mail order amigurumi crochet kits! These kits include all of the materials you need and step-by-step instructions (via website and YouTube videos). 

After perusing The Woobles website, I decided to purchase two Woobles kits: Pierre the Penguin and Nico the Cat. In buying two kits, my goal was to create a Wooble nice enough to give each of my children for Christmas. 

Within a few days of purchase, my The Woobles arrived in adorable packaging. I eagerly opened one Woobles kit and admired the contents, feeling a bit overwhelmed but optimistic. 

My plan was to do a little bit of crocheting each week so as not to overwhelm myself or make the creation of my Wooble a chore. I wanted to take my time and enjoy it. 

While I have only created one of my two Woobles, the process was relatively easy and rewarding. The videos do a great job explaining and demonstrating the different stitches: the slip stitch, increase stitch, decrease stitch, etc.

As with anything new, at the beginning I did have to redo several rows of crocheting because I either lost count of my stitches, didn’t make the correct stitches or just didn’t like the way it looked. But eventually, I seemed to find a groove.

In the end, my Wooble is not textbook, but I’m very proud of the crochet work I’ve done. Plus, the knowledge and skill I have gained give me confidence that I will be even more successful with my second Wooble.

Will amigurumi become my new go to hobby? Probably not. But I’m proud of giving The Woobles kits a try and for carving out a little bit of time for me to try some thing new. If you’re looking to do the same, I highly recommend The Woobles kits!

I can’t wait to give my children their Woobles for Christmas!

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