Free Event for Kids: Urban Spaceship Playground Crawl


(Milwaukee, WI): Check out the first ever Urban Spaceship Playground Crawl coming up on Saturday, August 13. Adults often get to do fun group bike rides – but what about kids?! This will be a kid-paced slow roll ride from Riverside Park to Bradford Beach. 

About this event

Come join this kid-focused, slow-roll group bike ride. Riding in with a group is fun and builds confidence for riders of any age. Whether your kids ride as passengers or on their own two (or three or four) wheels, make an afternoon of a tour of east side bike destinations!


Sat, Aug 13, 2022, 2:00 PM


Riverside Park: 1700 E Geneva Pl – Milwaukee, WI
*Meet at Riverside Park at 2:00 and plan on rolling out for Lake Park at 2:30.

Wayfinding: Riverside Park is vast. They’ll be meeting at the playground, which is closest to the intersection of Geneva Pl and Oakland.

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  • Riverside Park (start)
  • Lake Park (~ 1 mile)
  • Bradford Beach (~ 1 mile)
  • MooSa’s (.5 miles)

Note: this ride is kid-focused but open to all.

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