Abbey is always finding new places and adventures with her husband and three children. A former Executive Assistant turned Stay-at-Home Mom, Abbey moved to Wisconsin from Ohio and is still figuring it all out in Milwaukee. Abbey finds everyday joy in her cup of coffee or tea, taking walks, dancing, listening to podcasts and singing whenever she can. Abbey always appreciates her husbands quick wit and helpful nature and treasures her role of being Mom to some super awesome humans.

Gratitude: Simple Ways to Help Kids Reflect on the Good Things in Life

Practicing an attitude of gratitude; simple ways to help kids reflect on the good things in life This year for my birthday, my husband gave me an envelope with tiny blue paper origami stars. I...

The Long Days of our Lives Raising Kids: We Aren’t Getting Any Younger

These are the long days of our lives raising kids....and we aren't getting any younger. It is no secret that raising a child is one of the most challenging jobs in the world. Like many...

Adventure Day is a family tradition

Adventure Day is a family tradition. Adventure Day is a long-awaited, highly anticipated family tradition each summer. The excitement builds the week before Adventure Day as the kids try to guess the day's agenda, only...

Like it or not, cell phones have become a part of our kids identity.

Like it or not, cell phones have become a part of our kids' identity. There is no faster way for my kids to get a sideways bug-eyed "I am super annoyed right now" look from...

Seeing Homelessness Through the Lens of Empathy

When our children look at homelessness with empathy and compassion, they can see beyond the surface in people. Growing up poor on the south side of the city, I spent a lot of time thinking...

When the world changes, maybe we need to adjust our lens.

When the world as we know it changes, we can adjust our lens and look closer at the things we can do better at work, at home, in our community, or our relationships. We...

When you don’t have the answers: coping as a parent when the solutions are...

When you don't have the answers, coping as a parent can be tough. There is nothing more frustrating than watching your child struggle with something that is out of your control. An illness, a heartbreak,...
last times

The Last Times: Embracing the Changing Phases of Your Child

The children are changing, and so are we. I can remember like it was yesterday seeing my oldest daughter perched high upon my husband's shoulders watching the fireworks at Disney World. He can recall that...