Abbey is always finding new places and adventures with her husband and three children. A former Executive Assistant turned Stay-at-Home Mom, Abbey moved to Wisconsin from Ohio and is still figuring it all out in Milwaukee. Abbey finds everyday joy in her cup of coffee or tea, taking walks, dancing, listening to podcasts and singing whenever she can. Abbey always appreciates her husbands quick wit and helpful nature and treasures her role of being Mom to some super awesome humans.

Bring on the Bucket Lists and Sunshine: Things to do This Summer

Hello Summer; Bring on the bucket lists and sunshine We are all more than ready to slide into summer. After the last year of distancing, masks, separation, and loss, we are eager to throw ourselves...
mom cool

On Side Parts: What Do You Mean Mom is No Longer Cool?

Side parts are out. That's right, mom, your hair isn't cool anymore. You may have heard by now that the side hair part has been replaced by the middle part. That's right, mom, you are...

Mental Health: Helping Kids Learn to Cope

  Kids and Mental Health: Tips for helping kids learn to cope A Parent's Perspective: The hard moments of the last year have put many parents in situations where their kids are struggling with mental health issues--anxiety,...
it takes a village

A Plea to Parents: Raising Kids Takes a Village

A plea to parents; raising kids takes a village. I have been a parent for almost 17 years. When I have found myself in the thick of some of the really hard stuff with my...

If you want to date my teen, find a cozy seat on the couch.

If you want to date my teen, find a cozy seat on the couch. Can you remember that first flutter inside that told you that a person in your life meant something a little more...

A letter to my inner child; the world is still just as magical as...

A letter to my inner child; the world is still just as magical as it once was. You have to look for it. I can remember my obsession with Wonder Woman when I was a...
family interviews

Connecting with grandparents: questions that offer deeper insights

Getting to know living parents and grandparents better is important. We could all most likely do better by asking unique questions that may offer a deeper connection and a new perspective on these treasured...

Gratitude: Simple Ways to Help Kids Reflect on the Good Things in Life

Practicing an attitude of gratitude; simple ways to help kids reflect on the good things in life This year for my birthday, my husband gave me an envelope with tiny blue paper origami stars. I...

The Long Days of our Lives Raising Kids: We Aren’t Getting Any Younger

These are the long days of our lives raising kids....and we aren't getting any younger. It is no secret that raising a child is one of the most challenging jobs in the world. Like many...

Adventure Day is a family tradition

Adventure Day is a family tradition. Adventure Day is a long-awaited, highly anticipated family tradition each summer. The excitement builds the week before Adventure Day as the kids try to guess the day's agenda, only...