Abby is a mom to three boys, (ages 15, 10 and 8), who spends her time perfecting the art of identifying socks that have been worn for more than one day. Abby's journey to parenthood started with her marriage to Beth when Abby became a step-mom. From there, Abby and Beth adopted their other children. Abby works full time in a job that provides her the opportunity to travel to other states. Outside of work, Abby is passionate about foster-care reform, social justice and knitting.

Three Things About Being a Two-Mom Family

For the most part, our two-mom family looks like other families. We work, the kids go to school, there are endless after-school activities and battles over homework. Thanks to marriage equality, TV shows like...

I’m the Mom Who Doesn’t Drink

Have a bad day? A glass of wine can fix that. Celebrating something? Beers with friends are in order. It’s Tuesday? A margarita goes with that taco. We are a drinking culture. But as a non-drinker, I...

The Crazy Questions People Ask Our Two Mom Family

  “This is my wife, Beth” I said introducing her to a parent at a soccer game “Are you married, like gay married?” the parent asked I would love to say this was the only time I’d...

Five Things I Wish I Understood About Tween Boys

I’ve been the parent of tween boys for six years, almost half as long as I’ve been a parent. The tween years were rough with our oldest son, who is definitely our "easy kid." I...

A Letter to My Son’s Birth Mother on Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is a reflective time. As the non-biological mother to my children, I often find the joy of my motherhood comes from the sadness experienced by others. This is a letter to my...