Just a mujer trying to figure out how to juggle my responsibilities, dreams, and self care needs - working mom, wife, social entrepreneur, builder, seeker of justice.
MLK Jr Day

MLK Day: A day ON, not a day off

Who remembers having the third Monday in January off from school every year? As a kid, maybe you welcomed the day-long break from your teacher and classmates after returning from Winter Break. I can...

Are you in the Sandwich Generation?

Mama, if you are caring for an aging parent while raising your own children, you are part of the “Sandwich Generation.” You are the meat (pun intended) and the muscle that keeps the world...

Celebrating Dia de Los Muertos (It’s Not the Mexican version of Halloween)

It's October. Spooky season is alive and well - even in the era of the 'Rona. The candy aisles are bursting with Halloween themed packaging. Costume shops have popped up all over the place...

Take Your Meds, Mom

Two and a half years ago, I gave birth to my second baby. She was everything I wanted after experiencing a miscarriage with my first pregnancy and having a healthy, curly-headed baby boy just...
mom has needs

Mom has needs too: I am a mother, not a martyr

We are a year into this pandemic, and I am curious how you all are faring?  At this moment, I am present and fully engaged in this “unprecedented” life. But, I feel like I have...