Part-time stay-at-home mom, part-time working professional, full-time coffee lover. Angie prides herself on color-coded calendars and believes there's nothing a great basket can't organize. Born without a whisper voice, poker face or filter, she's fueled by strong coffee, good whiskey and the most amazing village of people who have been raising her long before she was raising kids of her own. Wife to Tom and mom to Marlowe and Mabel, one-year-old twin girls who keep her heart and hands full.

An Open Letter to the Preemie Mom

Dear Preemie Mom, I’m sorry. I know most people aren’t giving their sympathy when a new baby arrives, but I think you might want to hear it. I wish I could have heard some of...
The art of the pivot

The Art of the Pivot in Toddler Parenting

As our girls move out of the baby phase and into full-blown toddlers, kids even, we are embracing the changes and trying new things. We’re saying yes more often, or even just maybe because...

Toddler Tastebuds:: Tips and Tricks From the Trenches

I didn’t have many assumptions about how I’d parent better than the masses when I was childless. However, I was pretty hellbent on not becoming a short order cook and a slave to toddler tastebuds....
building confidence

Building Relationships:: Lessons for My Daughters and Adults, Too

Building relationships is hard Recently, after conversations with friends and a few posts on the internet, I had some thoughts swarming in my head about how I want to guide my girls as they begin...
missing bedtime

Missing Bedtime Once a Week Saves My Sanity

Missing bedtime once a week has made me a better mom. Whether you stay at home with your kids or work away from the home, I think we can all agree bedtime is one...

Balancing Jobs as a Part Time Working Mom

I'm part-time working mom, part-time stay-at-home parent, and full-time confused at how anyone juggles it all.  After having our girls, an opportunity to work for a growing firm that was woman (and mom!) owned fell...
bad news

Why I’m Thankful I Got Bad News When I Was Pregnant

Considering I was pregnant for the first time carrying two babies, I probably should have been more worried than I was. For the most part, the possibility of getting bad news during my pregnancy...
beauty blog

The Lazy Mom’s Beauty Tips for Low-Effort, High-Impact Looks

Beauty tips have a whole different meaning now that I am a mom, and I didn't realize how challenging keeping my appearance up would be after kids. About 26 weeks pregnant, I remember looking...

Girls’ Getaway: Escape to Nowhere

When it comes time for a ladies only trip, there’s always the spa, the Big Apple, or the Windy Cindy. But have you considered the Middle of Nowhere? With yoga pants, wine, and coffee...

Let’s Make “Momplimenting” Happen

Momplimenting. It's a new verb that I hope will sweep the nation. We all know about momshaming. It happens all the time, everywhere, every way. I clearly recall the first time it happened to me....