Surprise Pregnancy: Unplanned doesn’t Mean Unwanted

I sat in the Walgreens parking lot for a moment, mapping my route through the store. "You just need a pregnancy test. It's okay. You're an adult. You're allowed to buy a pregnancy test."  But I...

Sorry, mom, I don’t want your hand-me-downs

I have a problem: my mom. Or more accurately, my mom’s home furnishings and holiday décor that she wants to pass on to me. The issue:  I don’t want her hand-me-downs, and I don’t...

The Prize in the Box

Dear Moms of the Interwebs,  This is a true story, I swear to you. I am writing it anonymously mostly to protect my someday teenage children from the humiliation of Googling their mother's name and...

The Diva Cup Chronicles

Unless you have only just joined the realms of the Internet this past week, you’ve probably heard of the Diva Cup by now. It’s a replacement for your average tampon or pad during your...

The Ex Files:: When There Are Three People in Your Marriage

Marriage is hard, and parenting adds its own challenges and strains. But when your marriage includes a third parent, things get incredibly messy and complicated. The third person in my marriage is my husband’s ex-wife....

True Life:: I Was [Briefly] Pregnant with an IUD

I had lived in Milwaukee less than a year when the symptoms began. Suddenly, I was exhausted all of the time. My body ached and my stomach churned unexpectedly throughout the day. It was...

Sometimes We Fight

Sometimes we fight. Like really fight. We have blow-ups packed with shouting and lots of my tears. In the heat of the moment, embracing anger can be so satisfying and empowering. It's so easy to...

Mothering While Recovering :: A Letter to Moms Healing Emotional Childhood Trauma {TRUE LIFE}

Dear Moms Recovering, I need you today. I have uncovered the truth, the emotional trauma of my childhood. Early on I was told not to talk about my feelings and taught the lie that they...

I was Sexually Assaulted :: Was it My Fault?

It started out as friends. He was brotherly towards me. On days when my ex-husband made me feel worthless, he'd build me up. He'd come into the office and say things like, "Just between...

Learning from My Mom’s Mistakes

Growing up, I spent a great deal of time swimming through a sea of guilt, anxiety, and pressure. Most of which was placed on me by my mom. Let's start off by saying that my mom...