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To Our Safe Haven Baby’s Birth Mother

To the Birth Mother Who Gave Our Daughter Life, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started this letter. Legally, it is unlikely I'll ever see you and our daughter reunited. But should it...

Open Letter to the Lonely Mom

I know there are many of you out there who have a good group of girlfriends. You laugh and cry together. You have a group text together. You know pretty much everything about each...

An Open Letter to My Adoptive Parents

Dear Parents, Oh, you two. My soul goes to pieces writing this. You raised me with the most humble and open of hearts. You never hid my adoption from me. You invited my birth parents to...

Abuse, Pornography, Marriage, & Me

This post is part of a series called the True Life Series, where we share stories written by Milwaukee area moms, but posted anonymously. By and large, these stories are more sensitive in nature or...

Learning from My Mom’s Mistakes

Growing up, I spent a great deal of time swimming through a sea of guilt, anxiety, and pressure. Most of which was placed on me by my mom. Let's start off by saying that my mom...

The Addict Next Door

  I should be dead. I never imagined I would live to 20, let alone my mid-30s. Why? I spent my teenage years addicted to heroin. Looking at me, you’d never guess. I live right next...

Maybe I Am A Fraud

I took the test as a joke. A big joke. I thought that if I took it, it would say “not pregnant” but I got the surprise of a lifetime, a surprise I didn’t want. After...

It Ends With Me: Breaking the Cycle of Abuse

Abuse happens. The broken reality is that physical abuse happens in foster care. Sexual abuse happens within relationships that are considered safe. Emotional abuse and neglect happens to children at the hands of their parents....

I Tried Medication for my Adult ADHD

I’m a 44-year-old mother and educator with ADHD, Combined subtype. My ADHD made my adolescent and teenage years miserable. My impulsivity and hypersensitivity left me an outcast who was bullied at school, contributing to...