An Open Letter to My Adoptive Parents


Dear Parents,

Oh, you two. My soul goes to pieces writing this. You raised me with the most humble and open of hearts. You never hid my adoption from me. You invited my birth parents to be part of my childhood and you answered every question, comment, and concern I had regarding my adoption…and in general.

Since Day One, I knew beyond any doubt you were both in my corner. 

It was only after I had a daughter of my own that I understood the reality of parenthood; I think a lot of new parents could say the same thing. My pregnancy changed our relationship; we evolved as a village. None of us had an actual clue — Mom, you had never been pregnant and Dad, bless you all around. We researched together, budgeted together, experienced our first pregnancy together. We had conversations like: “What’s a mucus plug?” to “Can you eat Nutella in the delivery room?” Shoutout to you Dad for actually bringing me Nutella and a loaf of bread during childbirth.

When she was born, we cried together. We had had a baby after all!

Our togetherness saved me when my relationship turned abusive. Our togetherness, by default, built me back up after being knocked down. Our togetherness made life an ongoing party even when diaper blowouts stunk the place up. Our togetherness continues even though I’m not living at home anymore.

See, that’s how togetherness works; here or there, togetherness always exists. I realize now that was your parenting type all along. 

Thank you for being my foundation to my own motherhood.

Thank you for teaching me to view people by character and celebrate our differences and similarities.

Thank you for encouraging my every dream, even after I threw my hands up in surrender.

Thank you, Mom, for our morning phone calls on my way to work.

Thank you, Dad, for giving me a great taste in beer.

Thank you for shaping me by listening to me.

Thank you for raising me in togetherness.

With all the love my heart holds, 

Your Tiny Dancer 


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