Hey there, I'm Courtney! My husband Drew & I live in Greenfield, WI with our two daughters + baby due in April, and are most passionate about our faith at the core of all we do. You'll most often find me writing, speaking, planning a date night with my guy, or dreaming about our next getaway as a family. I'm a former foster parent as well as an adoptee, adoptive mom, current SAHM, and lover of all things raw + real. I like to keep it vulnerable – no sugar coating. I hope you feel known and encouraged by every word you read here!

So You Want to Adopt? Ask An Adoptee.

An adoptee I follow on Instagram recently wrote, “Learning about adoption from adoptive parents is like learning about race from white people.” While I recognize the value found from every side of the adoption...

Bi-Racial Adoptees Reflect on Black History Month

Emily's reflection on impact and belonging Black History Month hits differently when your dad is only 11 years younger than Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.   When your grandfather was deemed black by the one-drop rule....