Hi! I’m Emily. I hold two places on the adoption triad (adopted person and adoptive mother). Outside of being a mom, I direct a college success program for students on the autism spectrum at a local university. In addition I have a very small counseling practice where I specialize in working with adoptive families. I am the wife of a sergeant in MPD. Our family is unique in that I’m biracial, my husband is white and our son is Black. My husband also gets “teased” for being the only biological kid in our family. I’m newly peloton obsessed. I enjoy wine, whiskey, and solving the worlds problems from my couch.

How I Went From Who Needs It to Number One Peloton Community Fan

What’s the saying? How do you know if someone is a member of a Peloton community? Don’t worry. They’ll be sure to tell you.  The first thing to know about me is I am an...

GO SEE EXPLORE : South Shore Terrace Winter Chalets

Go See Explore : South Shore Terrace Winter Chalets Arguably one of the best things about summers in Milwaukee is beer gardens. For my family they provide the best mix of entertainment for both adults...
late-term loss

Late-Term Loss: A Letter to My Triplets

Trigger Warning: Late-Term Loss. This post may be difficult for those who have experienced loss to read.  Late-Term Loss: A Letter to My Babies Who Left Us Too Soon. I am the face of late-term loss....