Jess grew up near Madison and has lived in the Milwaukee area since 2013. She's a mom to four small children, who love to make crafts out of garbage, draw on walls, and make creepy, creepy masks. She also has two teenagers who live with their dad in Madison. She loves to watch them all grow to be amazing, unique humans. She spends her time outdoors with her feral little family, hiking at State Parks, camping, or visiting new parks. She also loves helping them make messes and create art... but hates the clean-up. She is a freelance writer, editor, and marketer for a living, and spends the free time she has left working on personal writing and art projects. She's involved in social justice and advocacy work and is particularly interested in LGBTQIA+ issues. She stays involved in politics and her community and is always looking for ways she can help to make a positive difference and spread awareness to inspire change. When she isn't busy with those things, she can be found binge watching Netflix, reading, listening to new music, and wasting her life on Facebook.

10 Milwaukee Area State Parks to Explore

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Pride is a Protest | How History Declares That Black Trans Lives Matter

  Pride is Not Just a Parade...It's a Protest Pride month is still here, and this is a reminder that Black Trans Lives Matter, that Pride is a Protest. This year, parades, parties, celebrations, and speaking...
What to do when life is overwhelming

When the Mom Guilt is Earned

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Staying sober

Staying Sober When You’re Stressed

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Help Stop Hatred: Learn About Transgender Kids

My Transgender Daughter is Awesome I’m a mom of six, one of whom is trans, and I want you to learn about transgender kids to help stop hatred. My daughter faces discrimination, obstacles, and heartbreak...
Social distancing

Co-Parenting During Coronavirus

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Making Life Easier: Help for Single Moms

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quit drinking

I Quit Drinking to be A Better Mom

My name is Jess, and I'm an alcoholic. I quit drinking to be a better mom. I had a tumultuous relationship with alcohol, from the first sip at sixteen. I was excited to drink, all...