Karri lives in East Tosa with her husband, Chris, and 3 teenagers. A former HR Executive, Karri now spends her days working out, volunteering, doing laundry, picking up after the kids (do they ever learn?) and driving her kids around all afternoon/evening (no one ever said it was glamorous...but it is a good life). She also has a side hustle at www.beautycounter.com/karritait, where she promotes safer and effective beauty products. During her free time, you can find her reading a book, binging on Netflix, or sharing a bottle of wine with a friend on the porch.

How to Survive Winter When You Hate It

Hi. My name is Karri and I am a Wisconsin native who loathes cold weather. No, wait. That's not strong enough. I really, really hate winter. Like, hate it to the core. I hate...

25+ Favorite Milwaukee Area Coffee Shops

Ready to get your caffeine fix? We asked around and these are 25+ of our Favorite Milwaukee Coffee Shops among our team of parents!  25+ Milwaukee Area Coffee Shops Alderaan Coffee {Milwaukee} :: In addition to...

15 Fabulous Hiking Trails for Milwaukee Area Families

Low humidity, mild temperatures and vibrant autumn colors. Picture-perfect views. Fall (and pumpkin spice season) is almost here and it is a wonderful time to get out and hike the many trails that the...

Happy 414 Day! 14 Ways for Families to Celebrate Milwaukee Day!

What Wisconsin city celebrates itself every April 14th, a date based on its area code? Yep, its our beloved Milwaukee! If you’re local, by now you must have heard that April 14th is Milwaukee...

I Am Your Mom, Not Your Friend

“Mom, am I your friend?” my then 13 year old daughter asked me while I was driving her somewhere several months ago.  I did not have to think about my answer, as my husband...

It Could Happen to Anyone :: Accidental Poisoning

We've all had those relatable 'facepalm' type moments.  You know, that moment where you feel like a terrible parent because you shut your child's finger in the door, because you looked away and your...

Origin Meals :: Real Food, Delivered to Your Door

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Origin Meals. Author received complimentary product in exchange for her review however, all opinions are her own. We love getting to share about products and brands our readers...

Teacher Appreciation Week

I admire and respect my kids' teachers. More than I can express. And it's not because many many moons ago, I once was one of them. It's because the teachers that my kids have actually inspire...

Happy 414 Day! 14 Ways for Families to Celebrate Milwaukee!

If you're local, by now you must have heard that April 14th is Milwaukee Day. It's a celebration that grew from humble beginnings, and now is a day dedicated to celebrating the city that...

Milwaukee Area Beer Gardens

Ahhh...spring is here. Even if it doesn't often feel like it, the calendar doesn't lie. And one of my favorite seasonal traditions is hitting the many beer gardens of Milwaukee. Whether it be at the...