Lisa was born and raised in Milwaukee. She and her husband now raise their three children (15, 13 & 3) there, too. Lisa works with children and families in a daycare center at a local college. When Lisa isn't surrounded with children (which isn't often), she likes to read and attempt yoga. Lisa lives off of coffee, Pepsi and tacos. She is a self proclaimed introvert, but around the right people, she can't stop talking.

15 Fall Road Trips for Milwaukee Families

  Summer’s over, but that doesn’t mean the fun ends in Wisconsin. It’s prime time for fall road trips! Grab your car keys, a snack or two, and your GPS so you can hit the...
earth day craft

Earth Day Kids Craft:: Wildflower Seed Bombs

My kids love helping plant and water flowers. So much so that I wish that I had more time and skill for gardening. My youngest is in K3, and her school has a garden...

“Just let the kids get dirty”: How I’m Learning to Practice What I Preach

Having been a mom for over fifteen years and a childcare teacher for over sixteen, you would think I wouldn't be so picky about my kids getting dirty. Having spent years letting kids get...
love yourself, self-care

Self-Care: Don’t Forget to Love Yourself

As a busy mom, do you forget to take time to love yourself? We are busy making sure the kids, house, and even our partners are cared for and loved. With so much on our...

Four Fun Ways to Celebrate Black History Month with Kids

No matter what shades of skin make up the family in your home, Black History Month is for you! This is a month when a concentrated effort is made to celebrate people of color and the...

Five Ways For Kids To Give Back This Thanksgiving

Five Ways For Kids To Show Thanks and Give Back This Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is right around the corner. And we all know that with this holiday comes the daily social media posts telling us that...
stocking stuffers and St. Nick

Fun Stocking Stuffers and St. Nick Gifts for Kids

Sometimes the hardest part about Christmas is finding the perfect stocking stuffers! Christmas stockings are so much fun because they are like the bonus gifts that add that little something extra to the excitement...

Two’s Are Hard, But Three-Year-Olds Are Harder…..

Everyone has heard the phrase "Terrible Twos." It's what you automatically think of when you see a two-year-old misbehaving. You figure it'll get easier when you have a three-year-old. Well, let me tell you, you...

A Big Age Gap in My Kids is, Nothin’ But a Number

When people see my kids and me in public, we usually get some stares and strange looks. I have two kids that are taller than I am and a toddler in my arms. But why...

A Letter to my Black Son

To my Black Son, The world is not how I would wish it would be to raise you in. There are so many obstacles that you have yet to face. Obstacles that you should not...