Raised in the Milwaukee area, Melania has always had a heart for humans. As a growing up teen mom – Yara [2012] - she wings her way through motherhood with chocolate, her mom tribe, and all the love.
teen motherhood

Five Lessons That Teen Motherhood Taught Me

I am the author of my teen motherhood story. I had my daughter fresh out of high school, and children raising children was defined to me as a losing game. But that’s not my story....

Donations Spark Joy:: Local Organizations That Accept Gently Used Items

Raise your hand if Netflix got you again with Tidying Up with Marie Kondo?  Yeah, me too, not that I'm complaining; Marie Kondo's perspective on organized living is the exact kind of positivity I welcome.   With...

A 30 Day Self-Love Challenge {includes a Free Printable!}

As I was writing this post, I was researching what other moms, female leaders, and women entrepreneurs had to say about the topic of self-love, and I came across this quotation from Leonard Cohen:  "Ring...

All You Need Is a French Tuck and a Thrift Store

One of my favorite fashion trends right now is that everything is in style. Skinny jeans and a basic tee? Yup. Cargo pants and high tops? Sure. Pencil skirt and a knotted shirt? Yes. Currently,...
familiar people

Tips for Teaching Safety With Familiar People

Stranger danger is one of the first safety lessons we teach our kids. But what happens when there's "stranger danger" within family or friends? How do we keep our kids safe from potentially dangerous...

It Ends With Me :: Breaking the Cycle of Abuse

Abuse happens. The broken reality is that physical abuse happens in foster care. Sexual abuse happens within relationships that are considered safe. Emotional abuse and neglect happens to children at the hands of their parents....

Hide & Go Seek-A-Saurus :: A New Children’s Book from KWiL Publishing {PLUS an...

We are so excited to celebrate that local publishing company, KWiL Publishing, has released their debut children's book and we are thrilled to share a review of this fun book with you and to...

24 Reflections for My 24th Year

Today is my 24th birthday.  I have spent my entire adult life as a mom. My eighteenth birthday, I was six months pregnant. For my twentieth, my golden, I shared my favorite apple cake with...

What Is Saving Your Life Right Now? :: Journaling for a Good Week

  For one hour on Sunday evenings, I make a list of five things that are saving my life. Sometimes it's a list of names, sometimes it's comfort food, sometimes it's the same as the previous...

An Open Letter to My Adoptive Parents

Dear Parents,  Oh, you two. My soul goes to pieces writing this. You raised me with the most humble and open of hearts. You never hid my adoption from me. You invited my birth parents to...