Wife and work from home mommy in the Milwaukee area who enjoys the simple joys of life. Growing up writing became a way to escape and later in life - a way to inform. I studied music at Milwaukee High School of the Arts. Gained my B.A in Professional Communications while attending Alverno College. Creative writing is a joy of mines as well. My weeks begin with a focus on crafting my poetry and losing myself in a good novel. On any given day you may find me at the library browsing for the latest Paulo Coelho novel. www.medium.com/@natashanafrini

Celebrating Your Black Heritage This Month: A Letter to a Mixed Child From a...

Dear Osiris, As your mom--the woman who watches you grow daily, I am filled with joy, excitement, and a little fear. The fear that exists within stems from the negativity in this world. I call...

The Ancient Chinese Lunar Pregnancy Calendar Made Me a Believer

My husband and I knew we wanted to start our family right away. Becoming parents was very important for us as we both realized we weren’t getting any younger. With us both being in our...