Wife and work from home mommy in the Milwaukee area who enjoys the simple joys of life. Growing up writing became a way to escape and later in life - a way to inform. I studied music at Milwaukee High School of the Arts. Gained my B.A in Professional Communications while attending Alverno College. Creative writing is a joy of mines as well. My weeks begin with a focus on crafting my poetry and losing myself in a good novel. On any given day you may find me at the library browsing for the latest Paulo Coelho novel. www.medium.com/@natashanafrini

What No One Told Me About Separation Anxiety

No one told me that separation anxiety would happen to me. I had heard of separation anxiety before and never thought much of it. This was before motherhood, and couldn’t relate to the parents...

Celebrating Your Black Heritage This Month: A Letter to a Mixed Child From a...

Dear Osiris, As your mom--the woman who watches you grow daily, I am filled with joy, excitement, and a little fear. The fear that exists within stems from the negativity in this world. I call...