Nicole is a thirty-something-year-old, born and raised in Milwaukee, and a current stay at home mama of two. Before she became a mama, she taught high school English, and before that worked in advertising. Her current role as a SAHM is not one that she ever saw for herself, but a decision that she will never regret. She is loving every moment and challenge of this chapter of her life, contemplating what she wants to do next and learning more about herself everyday.

Too Many Tabs Opened? Time to Prioritize Your Mental Health

I saw a post on Instagram the other day that struck a chord. A graphic of a computer with 5 open tabs (Politics, Covid, Climate, Work, Family) read: “Too Many Tabs Opened. Take Time...

Go, See, Explore: Finding Hope + Optimism in Public Art in Westown

This year has been challenging in many ways for families. One way we’ve been coping is by getting outside and exploring more together: hikes, beach days, and many neighborhood walks. Like the beauty of...

Parenting Right Now Is Extra Hard

Parenting is just plain hard right now. I’m not going to lie; being a parent right now feels like a game of survival of the fittest. This just has to be said for all of...

To All The Mamas Who Are Forever Cleaning Your Kitchens Like I am. I...

What is it about having a messy kitchen that drives me crazy? Maybe it’s the one room of the house that I feel I can have some kind of control over (even though I...
maternity clothes

A Reluctant Goodbye to My Maternity Clothes

Today, I took my maternity clothes out of my closet. The experience was nothing like cleaning out my closet to get rid of things I don’t reach for or don’t fit anymore. It was...

A Thank You to the Mamas Who Have Shared Their Hand-Me-Downs

Baby clothes are so little and cute. But considering their size relative to adult clothes, they can be expensive. While admiring some lovely items on one of my favorite shop websites, I said out...

We’re All Mama: A Call To Action

It breaks my heart that one of George Floyd’s last words was mama. That single word was my call to action. It opened my eyes to how much I need to diversify aspects of...

A Guide to Wisconsin’s Drive-In Movie Theaters

  Movies on a big screen, snuggled in the car with the old-school speaker on or the radio tuned in, the biggest bucket of popcorn possible, and the sound of cicadas distantly in the background....

A Gentle Reminder to Throw Out the Lists and to Snuggle More

A mama friend said to me recently that sometimes snuggles are the most important thing you can do all day. Not only is this so true, but at the moment, it was something that...
Mom Friends

Friendship Changes with Motherhood

Friendship looks a little different now that I’m a mom. What used to be impromptu late nights out discussing everything under the sun has evolved into abbreviated daytime meet-ups: Unfinished conversations at the park....