Raisa is a four-foot-eleven Filipino-American who is obsessed with rice, boba, and sushi. She has a daughter named Lacey, who she brought into the world by C-section in January 2018. Raisa worked a couple years as a physical therapist before deciding to make a major pivot into the creative world as a photographer. She currently keeps busy as a work-from-home photographer mom. When Raisa isn’t with Lacey, her camera, or computer, she is living her best life when she’s letting loose at WERQ Dance Fitness class or playing Nintendo with her husband on the couch while eating Cherry Garcia ice-cream. Raisa has lived near 8 different major cities, but eventually made her way back to the Milwaukee area where she was born. Find her online at Photography by Raisa.

Be Gentle With Your Asian Friends, Microaggressions Hurt Us Too

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