Robin, along with her husband and two sons (ages 2 and 7), can’t imagine ever living more than a few miles from Miller Park, the zoo and all their other favorite Milwaukee adventures. As a full-time working mom, Robin is navigating the unexpected twists and turns known as motherhood while also building a career as a digital marketing professional. The quintessential millennial, Robin loves all things local. She’s a bona fide Milwaukee expert who will gladly share her insider tips while documenting her own adventures on her blog, My Milwaukee Adventure.
Basse's wagon with strawberries

Go, See, Explore: Basse’s Taste of Country Strawberry Picking

Strawberry picking is one of the most fun summer activities for kids and grown-ups! Not only do we get to bring our "city kids" out to the farm, but they get to spend hours...

The Ultimate Guide to Brunch in Milwaukee

Milwaukee is a foodie's dream for top brunch locations! While we all have our personal favorite brunch go-tos, there are so many amazing restaurants around Milwaukee. So, next weekend, we dare you to try...

How to Pick the Right Bike for Your Kid

Knowing how to pick the right bike for you kid isn't easy. I often take for granted that I'm married to the owner of local bike shop, Tosa Bike Garage, who can answer all...
Hawthorne Glen Nature Center

Exploring with Kids: A Round-up of Milwaukee Nature Centers

Spending time outdoors as a kid fosters a lifetime love for nature. We’re lucky here in southeastern Wisconsin to have some pretty amazing nature centers to explore – filled with kids’ play areas, hiking...

Tips & Tricks for Shopping at ALDI

If you’re a mom and you’ve never done your grocery shopping at ALDI, you're missing out. You might be wondering  – are ALDI prices really that low? Will I really save more than a...

Dine While Distancing: Milwaukee Area Restaurants Offering Carry-out, Curbside, and Delivery Options

As the social distancing has ramped up and quarantine situations have begun to take shape over the last week, Governor Evers has taken the important and dramatic action to call for a “dine-in” ban...
Milwaukee Experience Gifts

Experience Gifts for Milwaukee Kids

If your kids are anything like mine, the last thing they need this holiday season are more toys that will be played with for a week and then collect dust for the next three...
secondary infertility

Secondary Infertility and the Dreaded Question

Secondary infertility is hard. Very hard. It’s something that my husband and I never expected. We waited eight lovely years to get married and then got pregnant with our son right away. Our friends...