Tif is a wife, mother to a passionate little boy and bold little girl, DIY connoisseur, mental health advocate, and an artist of many forms. She is a stay at home mom by day and creative industry business owner by night. Although she has spent most of her life in cities (Milwaukee, NYC, Chicago, and Las Vegas), her family moved to the Waukesha suburbs in 2018. Besides her family, she loves high fashion editorials, documentaries, people watching, Mexican food, and slam poetry.

What’s For Dinner?

The dreaded question that inevitably comes up every day: What’s for dinner? I did not anticipate that one of the most frustrating parts of parenting would be dinnertime. Not only do you have to...

“It’s A Girl”

  Ask almost any expecting parent if they are hoping for a boy or a girl, and you will most likely get a response resembling something like, “It doesn’t matter, as long as they are...
labor delivery

5 Tips For A Confident Labor And Delivery

The third time's the charm, right? I’m confident that this was the number of times it took me to become confident in laboring and delivering a child. As a first-time Mom, I was so...

That’s What Mom Said

Do you remember the first time you realized your Mom was an actual person? That her sole purpose on this Earth wasn’t to please you? I was in my late 20’s before I began...

To The Mom With The Newborn

To The Mom with the Newborn,  You carry this baby with you for 10 months (they say it’s 9, but really, 40 weeks divided by the average number of weeks in a month is 10,...

Finding The Best Online Mom Groups

  I read somewhere that the people who are hardest on Moms are other Moms. I felt that hard. Although the only other people who can possibly understand what you are going through are other...

My Husband Falls Asleep

After my husband puts our children down for bed, he does something I’m extremely jealous of - he falls asleep. Sometimes it takes him two minutes, but, on average, I’m pretty sure it takes...
experience-based holiday

Creating An Experience-Based Holiday

    My childhood Christmases guaranteed a holiday tree with mini-mountains of gifts underneath. There were so many gifts that they sprawled into the living room and often towered above our little bodies. I remember ripping...

Create Intimacy With An Anniversary Photoshoot

  It is common for couples to have engagement, wedding, and family photos taken, but couples rarely take the time for anniversary photoshoots. My husband and I started doing them as a way to celebrate...

Navigating Friendships When You Have Kids and They Don’t

  Most of my female friendships are with women much older than me. Some are just a few years, but my closest friends are ten years my senior. We met while working and have been...