I Know I Am | Local Author Pens New Children’s Book Which Will Be Released on May 17


I Know I Am is the book I wish I would have had growing up. So in order to make sure that this next generation of children have the information and resources in their hands, I wrote the book myself. On May 17, the book will be released into the world and I could not be more excited!

Based on my own experiences growing up, I take readers on a young girl’s journey where bullying leads her toward self-hatred and negative self-talk. Thankfully, she learns healthy coping mechanisms, self-acceptance, and is finally able to celebrate resilience!

This book aims to bring awareness that eating disorders can affect children at a young age, but are often missed by parents, teachers and other professionals. Backed with resources and an interactive affirmation page, I Know I Am should be on every bookshelf in libraries and schools.

I believe that this book will be a powerful tool for sparking conversations about kindness, friendship, empathy, body positivity, and self-love with my elementary students.


K-5 School Librarian

Ideal reading for Grades 1-3, all children in elementary and middle school can benefit from the lessons learned in the book. Mental health, eating disorders and bullying are all very real issues that can easily be glossed over and need to be addressed in a real and authentic manner.

I didn’t do this on my own and have had a great deal of support from family and friends in making this dream come true. Local to Waukesha, Orange Hat Publishing has been an absolute dream to work with. Shannon and her team are so incredibly knowledgeable and kind. The illustrator, Amy, was able to bring my ideas to life with such pizzazz and spunk.

You can preorder I Know I Am here or check out the website for more information. I’d love to talk to classes about both the publishing experience as well as the book itself, so please contact me for that opportunity!

This book could help engage children who feel alone in what troubles them, as well as the parents who struggle to understand how to help their children, by opening up that line of communication that is so often difficult to unlock.


Erin Pechacek


Ongoing Child Welfare Worker

Children’s Wisconsin

Launch Party

Our good friends at the Corners of Brookfield are also helping me through a launch party for I Know I Am at Kendra Scott on my birthday, May 18th! Join us for sips, sweets, giveaways and more at this Birthday Party Book Launch!


Lastly, keep an eye on Milwaukee Mom’s Instagram (which you’re already following, right!?!) for a chance to win your own advanced copy!

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