7 Milwaukee Area Playgrounds Worth Driving Out of Your Way to See


If you’re looking to get some wild kid energy out, check out these playgrounds in the Milwaukee area. They’re all over the city and suburbs so whether it’s near for you or far, they’re worth driving out of your way to see!

The Grove at Sussex Village Park

Sussex Village Park is an amazing and fun playground. They have something for all kids – big and small! In the summer months, be sure to bring a suit or change of clothes because there’s a splash pad on site, and it’ll be hard to keep your littles away. My favorite features of Sussex Village Park are the super fun zip line (including an accessible seat so all kids can enjoy!) and the musical aspects built into the playground. There’s a lot to climb, a lot to slide, hills to run, things to spin on and swings. Be prepared to pack a lunch and enjoy in the shaded picnic area – you can spend all day here.

Northwestern Mutual Community Park

Known colloquially in our house and among friends as “The Rainbow Playground,” this is probably our favorite playground in Milwaukee. It’s separated by all the colors of the rainbow for all ages and kinds of kids. You’ll find it inside the mid-gates at the Summerfest grounds. As long as there isn’t a festival going on, admission is free. You can check hours here. There are several clean family bathrooms available with kid sized toilets which is a lot of fun, especially if you have a newly potty-trained little one.

My kids’ favorites are climbing to the very top of the highest slide and climbing on the  caterpillars. This playground is also accessible for all kids with ramps climbing the whole structure. Because it’s at the Summerfest grounds, there are tons of musical options to choose as well. Be sure to get down and check out the coolest playground in Milwaukee!

Kayla’s Playground at Franklin Woods

Kayla’s Playground is another favorite of our family and friends. It’s tucked into the woods and is a perfect playground for any kiddo. It has a side for smaller kids with tunnels and smaller things to climb and another side for the big kids with huge slides, monkey bars and an accessible merry-go-round. We visit this playground year-round and have always found it to be a great way to get out some energy whether it’s for thirty minutes or two hours. They also have clean, accessible bathrooms and a covered picnic area. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, there’s a hiking trail on site as well.

Burnham Playfield

Burnham Playfield is one of Milwaukee Rec’s newly finished playfields in the city. It has basketball courts, a splash pad and a plethora of brightly colored slides, things to climb and kid-sized hills to run. It’s near 35th and Burnham in the city, and it’s always been an amazing time when we’ve gone to visit. Make sure you’re prepared for the splash pad before you go!

Margie’s Garden at Boerner Botanical Gardens

Last spring, we got to go over and adventure at Margie’s Garden. It’s included with admission to Boerner Botanical Gardens. Complete with a play house, stick hut, bug garden, huge flower sculptures and more, it was an absolute joy to watch our kids play in the garden. Though it’s nice to have a long walk through the gardens first, it’s really great to have a place where your big kids can run free and you can take a rest on the benches and watch them go! For my big kiddo who is a huge bug-lover, this was definitely worth driving out of the way to see.

Possibility Playground in Port Washington

You’ll be greeted by a giant rainbow dragon if you drive out of your way to visit Possibility Playground in Port Washington. Yet another accessible playground, this one has a castles and dragon theme which is amazing for pretend play while you’re there. Swings, seeming miles to run and weave to climb the castles (with turrets!) and bravely dive down the slides, Possibility Playground really is full of possibilities.

Franklin Square Playfield

The last playground worth driving out of your way to see is Franklin Square Playfield on the

city’s north side. It has swings for babies and big kids, slides to climb, a splash pad and basketball courts. There’s an open green space as well, so bring a ball or frisbee to throw too. We had so much fun adventuring at Franklin Square during our rounds of playground visits last summer, and we will definitely be back. 

So there you have it! What other amazing playgrounds are worth driving out of your way to see? My family is always on the hunt for new and exciting playgrounds to check out with friends. We hope to see you around!

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