Kristen N

Kristen (she/her) is a carb-lover, wife and mom of two girls ages three and five. During college, she was a barista and wooed her husband by making him mint mochas. Eight years later, they're married and raising two beautiful children. She loves the variety of people, places and food that Milwaukee has to offer. Kristen appreciates a well-brewed beverage, maple donuts and finding beautiful outdoor spaces where she can enjoy her treats, and maybe share them with her kids.

7 Milwaukee Area Playgrounds Worth Driving Out of Your Way to See

If you're looking to get some wild kid energy out, check out these playgrounds in the Milwaukee area. They're all over the city and suburbs so whether it's near for you or far, they're...

Go, See, Explore: 3rd Street Market Hall

Have you been to 3rd Street Market Hall yet? Go, See and Explore with us at one of the best new places in Milwaukee! We took my in-laws on a recent visit to the 3rd...

Go, See, Explore: Lightfield Display in Cathedral Square Park

If you enjoy public art spaces and spending time outside no matter the weather, I invite you to Go, See, Explore the Lighthouse Art Installation in Cathedral Square Park! There are eight giant lantern sculptures...
Mom's Night Out

6 Unique Ideas in Milwaukee for Your Next Moms Night Out

After all you do for your family and job, you definitely deserve a Mom’s Night Out. If it’s been ages since you’ve had one, or you do it all the time, here are some...

10 Indoor Activities for Toddlers in the Milwaukee Area

It can be a tough time of year to get out of the house with a toddler in winter. It's hard to know where to go and what programs are happening around the city....

Get Outside this Winter: Here’s How (and Why!)

Here's your sign that getting outside this winter is achievable. Our family lives in a small space, a duplex in the Bay View neighborhood. For us, that means that having a lot of indoor...
Last Days of Summer

The Last Days of Summer… Take it Slow

Here we are again, the end of August and getting prepped and ready for back to school. Today, we even got teacher assignment letters and school supply lists in the mail! But as we...

Go See Explore: Zócalo Food Truck Park and Selena Mural

Go See Explore: Zócalo Food Truck Park and Selena Mural Join us on this Go, See, Explore to Zócalo Food Truck Park! While you're there, check out the new Selena mural by Mauricio Ramirez. The...

Three Cheers for No Birthday Parties!

Three Cheers for No Birthday Parties! Here I am, scrolling social media, seeing all the perfect balloon arches, cute themed parties and giant gold balloons showing off how old someone's kiddo is. I get a...

Talking to Kids About Death

Today, while I was reading quietly in my room, my four year old daughter came in asking about what happened to our dog, Bessie’s body when she died. This past summer, we had to...