Kristen N

Kristen N
Kristen is a carb-lover, wife and mom of two girls age two and under. During college, she was a barista and wooed her husband by making him mint mochas. Six years later, she's married and raising two beautiful children. She loves the variety of people, places and food that Milwaukee has to offer. Kristen appreciates a well-brewed beverage, maple donuts and finding beautiful outdoor spaces to enjoy them in.

Caring for Your Mental Health During Social Distancing

If you're overwhelmed by what everyone is calling your "new normal" in the days of social distancing, you are not alone. This is not normal and most of us are having a hard time...
To the Dad Who Does

To the Dad Who Shares the Mental Load of Parenting

To the Dad Who Shares the Mental Load I've read a few posts recently about the mental load that motherhood typically carries, especially for stay at home moms. A lot of that is very true,...
MLK Jr Day

Celebrating MLK Jr. Day in Milwaukee with Kids

MLK Jr. Day is not just a free day off of school. We celebrate the life and activism of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a champion of civil rights, a preacher, an activist, and a...

Winter at the Zoo

So it’s the dead of winter and you’re tired of watching movies at home, sick of all your indoor play spaces, and looking to find something that isn’t covered in a host of germy-germs....