Kristen N

Kristen (she/her) is a carb-lover, wife and mom of two girls ages two and four. During college, she was a barista and wooed her husband by making him mint mochas. Eight years later, they're married and raising two beautiful children. She loves the variety of people, places and food that Milwaukee has to offer. Kristen appreciates a well-brewed beverage, maple donuts and finding beautiful outdoor spaces where she can enjoy her treats, and maybe share them with her kids.
Favorite Games

Favorite Board Games for Little Kids

Favorite Board Games for Little Kids My oldest kiddo stopped napping pretty much the day she turned two. As a stay at home parent, this made for some really long days. One of the ways...
trick or treat

Trick or Treating in The Milwaukee Area 2021

Trick or Treating in The Milwaukee Area 2021 It’s that time of year again – Halloween and trick or treating! Time for dressing up as Star Wars characters, princesses, or the ever-favorite big orange pumpkin, and heading out...
Black Cat Alley

GO SEE EXPLORE: Black Cat Alley

If you enjoy public art, fun adventures in Milwaukee, and a free place to go, no matter the weather, this GO SEE EXPLORE is for you. Today, come along with us while we visit...

Give Them Space

    Give Them Space We’ve all heard of “Helicopter Parents” by now, and most of us probably think we aren’t one. Sometimes I catch myself trying to micromanage the way things are with my...

Get Outside Every Day

Get Outside Every Day One of the things I really do love about living in Milwaukee (and the Midwest in general) is that we get to experience all four seasons, though fall doesn’t last as...

GO SEE EXPLORE: South Shore Terrace

GO SEE EXPLORE: South Shore Terrace I’ll start this post by saying my husband is mad at me for sharing our semi-secret favorite place. But I will not apologize for sharing our favorite place with...

Why I Cry in Front of My Kids

Why I Cry in Front of My Kids In the household I grew up in, crying wasn’t encouraged. I am a sensitive soul, and I feel everything really deeply. (I’m an Enneagram 4, look me...

Look Like A Mother

When I was growing up as a child of the ’90s, “Mom Fashion” was most certainly understood to be billowy blouses with large pearlized buttons tucked into acid wash, high rise jeans that gave...
To the Dad Who Does

To the Dad Who Shares the Mental Load of Parenting

To the Dad Who Shares the Mental Load I've read a few posts recently about the mental load that motherhood typically carries, especially for stay at home moms. A lot of that is very true,...
Two Year Olds

Cheese in the Toilet : What Raising a Two-Year-Old is Really Like

Raising Two-Year-Olds is not for the faint of heart. I love Milwaukee. I love the opportunity to raise my kids in the city and expose them to things like rush hour traffic, Indian food, and...