Kristen N

Kristen (she/her) is a carb-lover, wife and mom of two girls ages two and four. During college, she was a barista and wooed her husband by making him mint mochas. Eight years later, they're married and raising two beautiful children. She loves the variety of people, places and food that Milwaukee has to offer. Kristen appreciates a well-brewed beverage, maple donuts and finding beautiful outdoor spaces where she can enjoy her treats, and maybe share them with her kids.

Why I Cry in Front of My Kids

Why I Cry in Front of My Kids In the household I grew up in, crying wasn’t encouraged. I am a sensitive soul, and I feel everything really deeply. (I’m an Enneagram 4, look me...

Look Like A Mother

When I was growing up as a child of the ’90s, “Mom Fashion” was most certainly understood to be billowy blouses with large pearlized buttons tucked into acid wash, high rise jeans that gave...
To the Dad Who Does

To the Dad Who Shares the Mental Load of Parenting

To the Dad Who Shares the Mental Load I've read a few posts recently about the mental load that motherhood typically carries, especially for stay at home moms. A lot of that is very true,...
Two Year Olds

Cheese in the Toilet : What Raising a Two-Year-Old is Really Like

Raising Two-Year-Olds is not for the faint of heart. I love Milwaukee. I love the opportunity to raise my kids in the city and expose them to things like rush hour traffic, Indian food, and...

Celebrating MLK Jr. Day in Milwaukee with Kids

MLK Jr. Day is not just a free day off of school. We celebrate the life and activism of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a champion of civil rights, a preacher, an activist, and a...

My Love of Reading Came Back

My Love of Reading Came Back I used to have a love of reading. I liked to read books for fun in high school. I dropped off reading so much during my college years when...

GO SEE EXPLORE: Seven Bridges Park

Exploring Seven Bridges Park Every single morning, after breakfast, my three-year-old asks me, “What are we going to go today?” Grammar errors aside, I try to come up with a bunch of fun ideas to...

My First Mammogram Experience

A few weeks ago, I was lying in bed, and I found a new lump in my right breast. It was somewhat large, kind of hard, and a little bit tender to the touch....

My Favorite Cold Weather Recipes

My Favorite Cold Weather Recipes One of the great things about the weather turning cold in Wisconsin is getting back to some good old comfort foods. If you’re looking for some new cold-weather recipes, here...
girls of color

Girls of Color in Picture Books

Five Picture Books Featuring Girls of Color As a mom of biracial children, it has always been important for me to attempt to find books with characters who look like my children, or, at the...