Go See Explore: Zócalo Food Truck Park and Selena Mural


Go See Explore: Zócalo Food Truck Park and Selena Mural

Join us on this Go, See, Explore to Zócalo Food Truck Park! While you’re there, check out the new Selena mural by Mauricio Ramirez. The mural is one of his many iconic murals from around Milwaukee, and you can see it traveling north or south on I-43 or up close in person at Zócalo.

Zócalo Food Truck Park is all the best things about food trucks, all in one place. Before you go, make sure you check the hours for each individual truck as they all have separate hours. You can find a list of current food truck options at the Zócalo website here.

For food options, you can order ahead online or wait until you get there to see your options. You can order right at the truck, or scan a QR code and order from your table. Most trucks will send you a text when your food is ready to be picked up. If you’re looking to have all your food come out at the same time, try to order from the same truck. Otherwise, share bites while each family members’ food comes out.

They have a lot of options, even for people with food restrictions like gluten free or vegetarian diets. There is truly something for everyone. From sushi to pizza, burgers to arepas and ice cream for dessert – everyone in the family will be happy to try something new.

At Zócalo Food Truck Park, there’s ample seating outdoors, but they also have fun and relaxed indoor seating for rainy days or during the eternal winter Milwaukee has to offer. If you’re looking for a place to grab a grown-up drink, you can go to the bar inside. There are always clean, available bathrooms indoors too.

A few steps away from the delicious food at Zócalo you’ll find the new Selena mural. It’s truly iconic and you’ll want to snap a few photos while you’re there.

I cannot recommend Zócalo Food Truck Park enough if you’re looking to Go, See, Explore in Milwaukee. We’ll see you there!


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