After all you do for your family and job, you definitely deserve a Mom’s Night Out. If it’s been ages since you’ve had one, or you do it all the time, here are some suggestions of a great Mom’s Night Out in Milwaukee. Be sure to let us know what else to do and your favorite spots!


3rd Street Market Hall

This new indoor entertainment space is amazing in so many ways. If your group of friends all have different desires for food and drink, and you’re looking for a relaxed place for everyone to get something different and still have fun, 3rd Street Market Hall is the place for you. There’s a full bar, a wine spot and every kind of food imaginable from sushi to burgers and everything in between. You can play shuffleboard and bags (for free!) to get up and moving too. 


If your group of friends likes top-tier Asian food and doesn’t mind sharing small plates and splitting the check, DanDan is a great spot. The food is amazing, you can grab a bottle of wine for the table and spend all night grabbing different plates to order for the table. A group of girlfriends and I went this past summer and the experience was great all around. They take reservations so you can be sure to have a table waiting for you. Dress up or down and enjoy the food! There are a lot of walkable options to grab another drink afterward too! 

The Outsider at Kimpton Journeyman Hotel

If you’re looking for a Mom’s Night Out that’s a little classier and you want a view of the city, be sure to check out the rooftop bar, The Outsider, at Kimpton Journeyman Hotel downtown. They have a full bar, plus food and snack options all night long. Cuddle up on one of their couches or grab seats at a bar top table or around their many fireplaces. It’s a great place to talk and chat and it’s great for if you have a group of moms coming and going at different times. Every time I’ve been there, it’s been pretty busy so be ready to scout a spot and swoop in for seats! (Pro tip: the truffle fries are AMAZING, so be sure to grab some to share!) If you’re up for it, book a couple rooms and make a night of it.

La Cage and La Merenda

If you want to feel young again, dance your heart out, see a drag show, or sing some Karaoke, get your Mom’s Group on down to La Cage. This spot is high energy and a reliable great time. You can grab their list of events here to see what suits your interests. If you want to grab tapas and drinks beforehand, La Merenda (one of the best dining options in Milwaukee!) is a three minute walk down the street. It’s a great way to celebrate an evening.


If you need a good laugh (or several) on your Mom’s Night Out, grab a show at ComedySportz.  I’ve been to a couple shows there, and I’ve never been disappointed. The idea that this troupe of folks can come up with all of this humor completely in the moment is mind-boggling. Grab tickets ahead of time to be sure your whole group can get in. If you’re willing to stay up late and enjoy irreverent, definitely adult level humor, check out their midnight shows. No, I will not be responsible for you peeing your pants while you’re there – you’ve been warned.

Uncle Wolfie’s 

If you’re not really much for night time because you like to go to bed early, you’re still nursing a baby or you just really prefer to be around for bedtime, you can always opt to do a Mom’s Brunch Out instead. If you’re looking for amazing comfort food in a casual style, grab brunch together at Uncle Wolfie’s. They, of course, serve Bloodies and Mimosas in addition to having a full cocktail menu. They have a full menu of classic breakfast options, salads and sandwiches. The staff is quirky and friendly and you’ll be sure to have a great time. 

These are just a few of my personal favorite spots, but I’d love to hear more about your favorite places. I’m always looking for new places to check out with friends and any excuse to plan a Mom’s Night Out in Milwaukee!


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