Wisconsin may not have mountains or oceans – but our great state is full of natural wonders and SO much beauty! Next time you are trying to figure out your next family adventure – we encourage you to check out our list of our 8 favorite natural wonders of Wisconsin. Because we couldn’t stop at just 7…

1: Apostle Islands Sea Caves

The 21 islands that make up the Apostles archipelago in Lake Superior are beautiful, but what really makes them special are the red-brown sandstone sea caves that line their shores. Sculpted by the tempestuous waters of the biggest of the Great Lakes, the caves feature winding passageways, arches and other formations.

In the summer, the islands and caves are a favorite for sea kayakers and other boaters. Come winter, if Lake Superior freezes enough, hikers trek to see the mainland caves draped in massive icicles.

2: Cave of the Mounds

Cave of the Mounds, a natural limestone cave is named for two nearby hills called the Blue Mounds. It is located in the southern slope of the east hill. The cave’s beauty comes from its many varieties of mineral formations called speleothems.

They offer tours daily. Check out the details

3: Devils Lake State Park

Situated along the Ice Age National Scenic Trail, Devil’s Lake State Park offers magnificent views from 500-foot quartzite bluffs overlooking a 360-acre lake. 

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4: Great Lakes

Arguably some of the best beaches in the midwest – Wisconsin is home to a number of ocean-like beaches along its Great Lakes coastlines. To the north, Lake Superior forms the largest expanse of freshwater in the world. To the east lies Lake Michigan, the largest freshwater lake entirely within the United States. Wisconsin has more than 800 miles of Great Lakes shoreline and more than 20% of the state’s land area lies within the Great Lakes basin!

5: Horicon Marsh

Horicon Marsh is the largest freshwater cattail marsh in the United States. And it is the site of both a national and a state wildlife refuge. 

6: Big Manitou Falls

Big Manitou Falls is a waterfall on the Black River, a tributary of the Nemadji River. At 165 feet, it is Wisconsin’s highest waterfall – and offers spectacular scenic overlooks. The falls are within Pattison State Park.

7: Gibraltar Rock State Natural Area

Rising 200 feet above the surrounding landscape, Gibraltar Rock is a flat-topped butte with amazing views. It is located on the 1,000-mile-long Ice Age Trail.

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8: Eagle River Chain of Lakes

The Eagle River Chain of Lakes, located in the stunning Northwoods – is surrounded by miles and miles of pine trees. It is the world’s largest chain of freshwater lakes! The 9 lakes of the Eagle River Chain are: Catfish Lake, Cranberry Lake, Duck Lake, Eagle Lake, Lynx Lake, Otter Lake, Scattering Rice Lake, Voyageur Lake, Watersmeet Lake and Yellow Birch Lake.

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