GO SEE EXPLORE: South Shore Terrace


GO SEE EXPLORE: South Shore Terrace

I’ll start this post by saying my husband is mad at me for sharing our semi-secret favorite place. But I will not apologize for sharing our favorite place with all you lovely people: South Shore Terrace. This Go, See, Explore for Milwaukee Mom is all about the wonder that is South Shore Terrace.

Why is it so great? 

Well, to start, it’s a Milwaukee County Park and Beer Garden. This means it has a great playground which also happens to be steps away from killer beer, wine, and cocktail choices. This location also has its own kitchen, and the food is amazing. You can check out their menu here.

Beyond having the playground and the food and beer, it also has a killer city skyline. You can take in the whole skyline from this point. There’s also usually a fair amount of boats to watch since you’re close to a pier. 

For the airplane lovers, both kids and adults (let’s be honest here), South Shore Terrace is situated close enough to the airport that while you’re enjoying your meal and playtime, you’ll also surely see a bunch of low-flying planes ready to land at Mitchell International

What To Expect

As the saying goes, “It’s always colder by the Lake.” Although the views of Lake Michigan are one hundred percent beautiful, it also comes with the Lake chill, so bring a sweatshirt for yourself and your kiddos if they run cold, as my little one does. 

They have fire pits at South Shore Terrace, so if you feel like you’ll be a little chilly, plan to grab a table by one of the many concrete fire pits they have in the enclosed dining area. 

The outside tables are brand new this year (wow!) and super sturdy. This is really nice for kids like mine who cannot sit in one place during their meal.

If it’s still too chilly and windy for you, there are also several indoor tables that are a little bit cozier and definitely out of the wind. The bathrooms are also in this indoor area and have always been super clean and stocked every time I’ve been there. 

Expect South Shore Terrace to have amazing food. They have locally sourced foods for many of their menu items, and no matter how many times we want to hit up a different beer garden, we always gravitate back toward South Shore because their food is just so much better than the rest. 

The playground is great fun for all ages. There’s a larger play structure for the big kids (pictured below), a smaller structure for the littles (not pictured here), and enough swings that your kids won’t have to wait around too long for their turn. There’s also a sand pit, so if your kid enjoys that, bring some digging toys, or be ready to avoid it if sand isn’t for you. 

If you’re looking to take a lakeside walk or bike, there’s a trailhead here that goes along the lakeside for a few miles. Definitely check it out if you have older kids or are looking for a new place to adventure.

Overall, South Shore Terrace is an amazing spot. They also do rentals for weddings or other gatherings, so if you need an awesome indoor space to hold your own gathering, check them out as well. 

Aside from all the great amenities at South Shore Terrace, the customer service has always been outstanding. Everyone working for the Parks Department at this location has been friendly and welcoming. We love going to South Shore Terrace as many times as we can. They don’t have a hard open and closing date, but they open and stay open as long as possible, as long as the weather cooperates. 

If you haven’t been to South Shore Terrace, please Go, See, Explore this place!


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