Three Cheers for No Birthday Parties!


Three Cheers for No Birthday Parties!

Here I am, scrolling social media, seeing all the perfect balloon arches, cute themed parties and giant gold balloons showing off how old someone’s kiddo is. I get a small level of excitement knowing that kind of party isn’t for me. I have absolutely no regrets about not throwing birthday parties for my kids. Sure, for my oldest we attempted a housewarming/birthday, but since then? Not a birthday party in sight!

Now don’t get me wrong, I love making birthdays special. My kids get to pick their special birthday dessert and what we’re having for every meal. I put up a select few decorations and get a birthday balloon. But a party? Nope! Sure, have a friend or two over. Plan a special activity like going to the gymnastics gym. This year, we invited a few friends to pack a lunch and meet us at a playground for a couple hours on the weekend. But big birthday parties aren’t getting planned by me and I have no regrets.

I’m not hating on big “Pinterest perfect” birthday parties. If you enjoy that, go for it! For me, planning a big party is stressful, way too expensive, and not at all fun. I take peace and comfort knowing that my little kiddos are getting the best of me, and my full attention on their special day.

For these years when they’re so little and don’t care much about big themes, big decorations or big gifts, I really try to put the focus on time spent together. I buy small, practical gifts that I know will be used.

My littlest kiddo just turned three this week. Her only birthday request was Rainbow Everything! We did Funfetti Cupcakes and I got her a rainbow dress, some colorful craft supplies and a little rainbow purse (probably for her ever growing rock collection). And you know what? She was thrilled! She wasn’t exhausted or overwhelmed. She had a great birthday. Not to brag, but I even let her help me make the cupcakes (and frost them!) without losing my patience. Mom of the year, I know.

So if you too are a low-key birthday parent, you’re not alone! I didn’t post any big birthday party pictures on social media, and you probably didn’t either. No guilt! Birthday enjoyment only. Three cheers for no birthday parties!


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