Exploring Seven Bridges Park

Every single morning, after breakfast, my three-year-old asks me, “What are we going to go today?” Grammar errors aside, I try to come up with a bunch of fun ideas to do outside of walking to the library and going to the playground. We like to make an effort to get outside, even when the weather is coldOne place we really love to go is the Seven Bridges Trail in Grant Park. So please, Go, See and Explore with us! 


There’s a common parking area, where Google Maps will take you. There’s a map at the trailhead, but you can also print this one to take with you. From there, you pass through the tree-covered entrance and have a choice of a couple of trails to take. None of them are anything treacherous, and even my one and a half-year-old can handle the terrain. Her nickname is “Dozer” because she’ll literally plow through anything, but even a standard toddler can make their way through the paths just fine. My three-year-old refuses help of any kind. I bring the baby carrier for the last part when little legs are tired, and I want to get back to the car. 


There are plenty of amazing outlooks and, as the name suggests – bridges. The name also lies because there are ten, not seven bridges. 


Beyond the obviously beautiful trees and streams, there’s beach access to Lake Michigan. It usually has some awesome looking driftwood and is fun to visit and throw rocks, even if it’s chilly out. When we went this fall, my husband and I got to sit back and watch while the little kids entertained themselves. Win-win. 



I grew up in the La Crosse area, and we went for many a hike during my growing up years. Seven Bridges very much reminds me of the Driftless region with the bluffs, hills, and paths. 


There are obviously endless photo opportunities. I’ve been to Seven Bridges more than once and have seen professional photographers set up with all kinds of people. Last year, my friends and I even did a friendship photoshoot in the dark. The photographer said that was a first for him, but the photos came out awesome. They make us smile and laugh. 

There is also a picnic area with tables, so it’s a great place to eat a packed lunch. Down the trail a bit, there’s also a little playground, or “Tot Lot” for little kids to get even more energy out. Overall, Seven Bridges is a great place for everyone in the family. The trails are gorgeous and not too long for a morning or afternoon outing.

What other trails and places should we go, see and explore around Milwaukee? Let me know in the comments.



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