Here we are again, the end of August and getting prepped and ready for back to school. Today, we even got teacher assignment letters and school supply lists in the mail! But as we look forward to the kids heading back to school, I’m also being careful not to wish away these precious last days of summer. I want to make sure we get as many snuggles and slow mornings in as we can before we have the daily rush out the door. These last days of summer, I’m intentionally not scheduling much so we can be lazy, do the things we enjoy and get our quality time together before the new year begins. 

 Look, there’s no right way to do summer. There’s no pressure to do it all because we “only have 18 summers” with our kids. Let’s be real here, we have as many summers as our kids are alive to be with them in whatever way works for any members of the family. Even my grown siblings usually get together for a few days each summer, back at my parent’s house. 

This summer, you’ve already done the zoo trips, the parks, the outdoor music, the farmers markets, the beer gardens, the bike rides, the playdates, the sports, the pool, splashpads, and the long summer days away from home. You’re now in the very few last days of summer.

So in these last few days of summer, I, a person who holds no personal responsibility for you, give you complete and total permission to enjoy your last days of summer at home with no real plans. Don’t do the thing. Don’t buy the tickets. Don’t go on a last minute camping or road trip because you “didn’t fit it in” yet this year. Stay home. Watch a movie on a nice day. Make your kids’ favorite treats. Stay in your pajamas until noon. Say no to the next thing someone asks to do. Just enjoy looking at the sweet face that won’t be there anymore at the end of the year. 

Let your kids sleep in these last few days. Let them rest, relax, take it easy, be with you, be with their friends, and do the things they enjoy most without being rushed. Every day of school is a rush – “WHERE ARE YOUR SOCKS!” “Your hair is a mess!” “How can you possibly NOT know where your backpack is?” So these last few days of summer – take it easy, enjoy it. Slow down a bit. I promise you won’t regret it come the first week of school.


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