Kelsey is the single momma to the light of her life, Asher Robert. She is a proud Marquette graduate, works for MU's alumni engagement office and is a part-time MBA candidate. She lives in downtown Milwaukee, but calls CHW her home away from home as she navigates the world of raising a special needs, medically complex child. She is a firm believer that all things can be cured by Ben and Jerry's ice cream, a good glass of pinot noir and long chats with her mom.
fun Milwaukee facts

Fun Milwaukee Facts for 414 Day

It's 414 day- a day to celebrate the city we call home. Our Midwestern city may be best known for beer, cheese curds, and currently the "Greek Freak," but don't let that fool you....

Searching for Light after Child Loss

Here at Milwaukee Mom, we mourn with all the mamas who have experienced child loss. If you have lost a child and need resources in your grief, please go here.  The day my son was...

Shopping Small : How to Support the Local Businesses You Love in Challenging Times

Well, friends, we’re nearly a couple weeks into social distancing. We’re starting to settle into our new normal. Restaurants are closed for dine-in services, schools are closed indefinitely, our inbox is filled daily with...

I learned 52 lessons in my 52 Weeks of Being Mom

It's been a year since the doctor proudly proclaimed "it's a baby boy" and my entire life changed. That's 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days or 525,600 minutes of being "mom." It has been...

A toast to all the moms who feel like a hot mess

It's Sunday night and I am a hot mess. The little is all tucked in bed, an hour later than scheduled. There are bottles to be washed, the dryer is beeping at me that...

I Signed a DNR for My Two-Year-Old Today. 

You might have found yourself on this post about signing a DNR for a child because you, too, are a parent making an impossible decision. Or maybe you have a friend or a family...

During Hospital Stays, Parents of Sick Kids Need Support

As the mom to a medically complex little boy, we spend a lot of time at the hospital. In his short eighteen months of life, we've clocked twelve different hospital stays. Some of these...
foster sister

Being a Foster Sister Makes Me a Better Mother

When my parents told us they were training to become foster parents six years ago, not a single one of my sisters or I were surprised.  Our lives as part of the foster care system...

Don’t Touch My Baby:: An Anxious Mama’s Plea

Hi, it's me, The Anxious Mama. Please don't touch my baby. I'm the one who carries two bottles of hand sanitizer on her at all times. I'm the one who was first in line at...

Changing My Inner Conversation One Redirected Thought at a Time

I was having a particularly bad “mom” day the other week. I was feeling a little blue about the single mom life, a little run-down from the working mom life, and overall a little...