Fun Milwaukee Facts for 414 Day


fun Milwaukee facts

It’s 414 day- a day to celebrate the city we call home. Our Midwestern city may be best known for beer, cheese curds, and currently the “Greek Freak,” but don’t let that fool you. There is more than what meets the eye for the 414. Here are seven fun Milwaukee facts that are sure to surprise your friends and family. 

  1. Our city hasn’t always been Milwaukee. It went through many different spelling transformations back in the day and is recorded for several years as MilwauKIE.
  2. The Milwaukee Public Museum has the world’s largest dinosaur head. 
  3. The Allen Bradley Clock Tower boasts the title of 2nd largest four-faced clock in the world. You might be thinking “Big Ben must be #1,” but actually the faces of Big Ben are smaller. A clock tower in Saudi Arabia is the largest. 
  4. The beloved Teddy Roosevelt was shot here. Luckily, thanks to a glasses case, the assasination attempt was unsuccessful!fun Milwaukee facts
  5. The Milwaukee Wave is the oldest continually operating soccer team in the United States. (Bonus fun Milwaukee fact for the family: The Milwaukee Wave have an awesome kids club program.)
  6. Milwaukee is home to many wonderful breweries, but Pabst Brewery was the first to establish roots here in 1844. 
  7. The flame atop the Milwaukee Gas Co. can help you predict the weather.

When the flame is red, it’s warm weather ahead!
When the flame is gold, watch out for cold!
When the flame is blue, there’s no change in view!
When there’s a flickering flame, expect snow or rain!

Milwaukee is the largest city in Wisconsin and the 30th most populous in the USA. We are home to world-renowned sports teams, museums, festivals and more, but my favorite fun Milwaukee fact is that this city is made up of some of the kindest people and is an incredible place to raise your kids. 



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